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  1. Lady Lilac

    How would you rate episode 209?

    There were some issues especially during the fighting scenes, but over all it was by far the best of the season, so 10/10.
  2. Lady Lilac

    [No Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    One thing I found interesting: Harrenhall is the first location on the map to not move at all. Is it because they wanted to keep the idea of "this place is old and creepy and might fall apart at any second?"
  3. Lady Lilac

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I liked the episode overall. Well, except for my big main disappointment: no peach I mean come on, why skip that of all things? Aside from that, the scene with Tiryon and Lancel was brilliant, Harrenhal is even creepier than I expected and the Tickler really was great. Plain looking, nothing special, yet still very creepy. Oh and Roose Bolton too. They pretty much nailed the mellow/creepy voice he's supposed to have.
  4. The scene with Tyrion and Pycelle/Varys/Littlefinger was awesome. I'm not so sure about Asha Yara at this point though. She seems more mellow than the books, but who knows. And is it just me, or does Renly seem closer to the book version this season? Oh and just saw the preview for ep 4. Yay for Renly holding a peach :cheers:
  5. Lady Lilac

    Favorite POV Character

    That awkward moment when you're not sure anymore who is a POV character in the first volume and who isn't. That's what I get for reading the first four books in one go :blushing: *wikies it* Arya's chapters were interesting. I liked them most when they were put close to Sansa's chapters because you really got a good feeling of how different the sisters are. But my overall favorite POV's are probably Jon's and Tyrion. Jon for having an interesting story and whatnot and Tyrion is just a really fun character.