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    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    I don't really get the change to Talisa from Jeyne unless since they've made Robb a "pov" character they didn't want to divert budget to show them meeting amidst the battle of the Crag. In the end I don't think it matters who Robb marries because at the end of the day he broke his vow to the Freys so his love interest's origins don't really matter much
  2. irishking44

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    Well she must not be able to act outside of her native tongue then. It almost seems like she's memorizing the lines but doesn't know enough english to understand them.
  3. irishking44

    [No Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    Shae scenes are unbearable and the actress is terrible. Derp faced Kristen Stewart could do better than her and that's saying something
  4. irishking44

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    I can't stand Shae. She wasn't that important in the books except to show the hypocrisy of Tywin's whore policy and motivate Tyrion more to kill him which they've established her enough for that effect to still be there. Also where's Varys? I thought he would have made an appearance by now. Shae's scenes are painful. Germany must have low acting standards if they're heaping awards on her. I really feel like when she speaks It's like watching the intro of a porno that's trying to have a storyline, she's terrible, TERRIBLE. The actress is terrible and her accent is so overbearing and I think she plays it up too. I would have been happier if they had just made Ros take her place, it wouldn't have any lasting impact from the books unless Shae's from some highborn ruling family across the narrow sea who are gonna seek out and kill Tyrion for revenge. IDK I just can't stand her. She's so bad, I can't believe I'm saying this about anyone, but I honestly believe that Kristen Stewart is a better actress than the person playing Shae