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  1. Worst this season. 50 mins of slow bla bla and a rushed bear scene. 6
  2. I must be missing something or just in a meh mood. 7/10, felt like I was watching filler other than the Dany+ending.
  3. Zios

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Enjoyed it, it was rushed and the Cersei scenes broke the tempo, but overall it was great.
  4. I don't care about the Loras/Renly scene, however I do not see how people can say that Renly's character is being fleshed out better than the books. His character just seems really MEH atm. Even the two non bookers reader who I watch the show with even forgot who the hell he was.."Oh another king?" I don't know about him. I really don't think people will care at all when he dies in the show...they will be shocked/surprised HOW he dies, but not a care in the world about the character. Hate to say it but I bet non book readers will remember Renly as the Gay king who died
  5. Would like to give it a 9. but will stay at 8. Feeling the momentum starting to pick up. My only real gripe is with how this show portrays Shae.. but really only a little nitpick. Whore with a pointless attitude.
  6. I would give it a 7(pollwise) but really a 7.5, which is pretty good in my book. I enjoyed many scenes including Robb/Jaime, LF/Cersei. Jack Gleeson does Joffrey's character justice which I'm happy about. Looking forward to next ep.