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    [No Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    The whole season has to be honest. They had 60 million to make this season and i cant believe we have seen much of it on screen. Hope that means the second half of the season will be epic.
  2. vinnie1912

    [No Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Why are you bringing up something that was established over a season ago? Is there some critical plot point I'm missing? My guess is that having them in pure white made them look comical. Just like have jet black skulls in a dark cellar works in the books but not on camera.
  3. Yeah I'd like the 'kingly' side of the character developed more than another scene about how gay he is.
  4. I dont understand the Sansa hate. I think the portrayal has been very good. Yes she lied and acted like a moron over a crush. Seems like a typical teenage girl to me.
  5. I came to the books from the series so i'm reading the books after the series. I actually struggled reading GoT as I didn't think it offered much over the series. I guess that means I think it was a good interpretation. Will see how i manage when i have a year wait until season 3. It was only about 3 months for me this time. " It's nice seeing someone here who hasn't read the books! It's impossible for me (and I suspect most people here) to watch without thinking about the books." I remember that feeling watching LoTR, Luckily i dont generally have an issue with changes for adaption as long as they dont start inventing whole chapters (warg attack style from TTT). Regarding the episode. Would like to see some more progress on the grand schemes, 3 build up episodes so far. Theon revealing himself to be even more pathetic than previously. Hopefully he will be his own man someday. I'm guessing the crazies Arya released will be attacking the Lannister soldiers next episode, Question I have is does Mormont know that Craster (whatever) is giving the babies to the white walkers or if he has intentionally kept his head in the snow.
  6. vinnie1912

    [No Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I found this to be a far superior episode to e01 which I felt was the weakest so far. Unlike e01 it didn't try to do everything at once, instead it advanced the story on several fronts rather than all and was far better for it. speculation follows (i haven't read book 2) I wouldn't assume Cersei isn't the one who gave the order yet, she's more than capable of giving that impression if it serves. I assume the greyjoys eyes are on Winterfell. Glad to see the wild walkers back as this is probably the story arc that most interests me. I'll call that tyrion's whore will be killed within the next few episodes. Cersei will either do it or she'll be framed with it. Hope Ghost eats Castors face next episode.