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  1. i can't believe i'm going to say this but ... Theon is my favorite character by far this season. He has done a superb job and may even win an award as a supporting actor with Tyrion probably winning best actor.
  2. Excellent episode. the intensity is starting to ramp up and there is a few great scenes in this episode. 1) the scene where Balon has his back turned to Theon and Theon is screaming at Balon for giving him up is amazing. ( Malahide has Balon's character portrayal spot on ). 2) Tyrion's line where he tells Maester Pycelle he hasn't had a good shit in 6 days made me laugh for 3 straight minutes!! I think Tyrion is going to use that flask to poison Cersei for a day so he can scheme around her little birds and minions!!! 3) Yoren is badass, loved his accent!!! 4) I'm reading the books again and Arya is becoming my other favorite character other than Jon Snow, her story really is amazing. 9.5 out 10 rating for what is dead may never die!