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  1. Great episode, 8/10. I was ecstatic when I saw there would be no Dany, Stannis and Melisandre in this episode. :cheers: I must say I'm pretty satisfied with Anguy but I pictured Thoros a bit differently. He has yet to prove himself in my eyes. It was great seeing Sandor, Jaime and Theon. Nice scenes. Oh and loved the Olenna scene as well, Diana Rigg is brilliant.
  2. We came from the sea, and to the sea we must return.

  3. 7/10 - It would be a 6 if it wasn't the premiere of the season.
  4. And they are not the only ones, I felt a lot of scenes quickened too much this season. Oh D&D, if you would just cut out the nudity, you would have more time for more important scenes. I am still hoping that they didn't mess up the BW scene since GRRM wrote it (and thank the Seven for it). Especially because I know there is only that one certain scene left and probably no more than that for years and seasons to come, if ever :frown5:
  5. Not like the dummies they used in the show :D I don't know, they just looked silly to me, swinging in the wind and all.
  6. Oh and I almost forgot, those two bodies that were supposed to look like Bran and Rickon were bizzare. They could have at least make them not look like some plain dummies.
  7. I am pretty disappointed with the episode, as with most of them this season. First and foremost, the thing which bothers me extremely is that they've shown Jaime as a kinslayer, which I do not recall he is from the books (not yet at least). He is truly an amazing character, especially later when he starts changing and starts realising some important things. I am very saddened with how hated show-Jaime and show-Sansa are because they are extraordinary characters. Furthermore, Shae helping Sansa seemed a bit as a nonsense just so people would start liking Shae. One other thing I do not recall from the books, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong, is Cersei showing her weakness and confessing to Tyrion. That seemed very unCerseilike. That being said, looks that Jaime was giving to Catelyn and Karstark while they were arguing & looks that Shae, Sansa and the other handmaiden exchanged made me laugh :D Oh and I didn't think Ygritte could irritate me more than she does in the books, but alas, I was wrong <_< As much as D&D did a wonderful job with the last season, I think they did a poor job with this one. As if straying too much from the path was not bad enough, there are numerous other downs. Only high expectations I have left are those for episode 9 which was written by GRRM himself and he is the only one I still trust not to disappoint me. As for D&D goes, I do not expect from them anything anymore and maybe that is a good thing because now they might even pleasantly surprise me in further seasons.
  8. Do my eyes deceive me or was this the first episode with no sex or nudity? Looks like they have prepared 20 minutes of pure sex for the next episode, then.
  9. Well, of course he wanted to rape her because he thought it was the only way he could "have" her in a way... But when he faced her we see he is not that kind of person, he still has good in his heart and he only took the song in the end because he, in truth, didn't want to harm her... I especially felt it is all true and deep when she cupped his face and he just said "Little bird..." And besides, silence and eye contact can speak more than words. But yes, a discussion for other topic. :D
  10. Well, I really missed Sandor's "Enough!" in the show and I'm hoping they won't cut the scene when he catches Sansa :frown5: And I think it's good Dany didn't show the dragons, they're too small still and it's too dangerous among these greedy men :devil: Overall an excellent episode though, every episode is better and better actually, can't wait for the season finale! :D
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    Hello everyone! My name is Lea and I come from the beautiful country of Croatia! I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now and decided to finally register... Just started reading the Feast and I can say I am absolutely in love with the books and all its characters... Also, the production is doing an excellent job with the series, though I miss some of the scenes from the books ^^ What else to say, looking forward to all those interesting discussions :D