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    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Yes! Bath scene was very striking and delivered well The fight between the Hound and Beric in the opening, one of the best duels in the entire series. Shireen now teaching Davos to read is more touching than the books, great positive change for TV. Wasn't crazy about the way they set up Jon and Ygritte's love scene, although the scene was epic. I just really liked the story about the cave and how it felt like they really were far away from everyone else. This version wasn't quite as romantic. Thoros, Arya, and Beric scene was really awesome too. I love the casual manner of Thoros speaking on resurrecting Beric.
  2. That ending was epic. The dragon, the unsullied, Dany's dialect, and everyone's reaction to her bossing the Astapor slave masters was perfect.