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  1. I loved it. I love the books, but other ser Barristan's death and some small complaints, the show is slowly taking over my loyaly. The Wun Wun scene was a great omage to the one in the book when he did eqctly that. Trion releasing the dragons was far more moving than some punk getting bbq'd, and the resurrection was perfect.
  2. I see your point kohai. lol. I must say though, having a few decades experience in Kenjutsu, I have seen several old men with some pretty stunning swordsmanship. I do understand that his skill would diminish with age, but dont forget that even JL said there were maybe three men in the 7Ks that may stand a chance against him, one of those was assuredy Ser Barristan. My real point was that 5 or 6 dagger wielding assassins shouldnt have stood a swowballs chance in hell against him. I just wish that if they were going to kill off a charachter that has been built up over 5 seasons as such a legendar,y expert swordsman, they would have made his end a bit more legendary. Just my opinion, I do see your point though.
  3. So Ser Barristan could cut through 6 kings gaurd like carving a cake but 5 assassins with daggers and masks best him in broad day light??? Pretty weak!!
  4. Awesome rant. I agree completely. If some people are so upset about every deviation to the text then dont watch it! Stop torturing yourselves and find something else to do. Personally I would loose interest pretty fast if the show was simply a page by page cutout of the novels.
  5. IMO. Brienne made Jame Lannister look a fool, the hound should be a walk in the park. I loved that scene. I hated the way he just whimpered out in the book, at least he went down swinging.
  6. Hahaha! You are obviously not a producer! If you are so enraged about this episode, how have you gotten this far? 10 episodes to cover 600 pages is not easy.
  7. Yes, Greywind needed to kick some ass before going down!
  8. I love the darkness and unpredictability to the books and the show. I you want cookie cutter plots and happy endings, try a Disney movie!
  9. Heartbreaking. Lady Talisa's death was horrifying, perhaps the cruelest death in the series yet. The only complaint I can make is regarding Greywind. In the book the dire wolf wend down swinging. To see him shot down like a fish in a barrel was dissapointing. Having said that, The episode left me reeling, just like the book. Well done!!
  10. I agree with everything you said except the last part about the white walkers. I loved that scene. The third horn blast and Ed yelling "RUN!" As far as the white walker ignoring Sam, the same could be said for season 1 episode 1 when the deserter was aparently let go aswell, only to be beheaded by Eddard once captured. I'm thinking the White walkers like to leave a survivor to spread fear of their return. Just my 2 cents
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