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  1. I love the TV show and let’s face it, what other epic TV shows do we have that is in the same class as this? It’s a miracle in itself that a fantasy show like this even got made, closest thing would be ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Imagine if one of the three networks tried to pull this off. So take what you can get and pray to the gods; old and new that its HBO and not a network. Also I understand the disappointment of some of the readers when comparing the book to the show. I watched S1 with no book history and loved it. I then started reading the books. Reached the books in the same spot as the show right around blackwater and noticed that I was not as.... (hard to find a good word to describe it). Maybe not as surprised by the show as I was in the past. I knew what was going to a happen. Does not mean the show is bad, but had something to compare it too now and I think that takes away from the show. So from a strictly show standpoint if you can stand to not read the books you will enjoy the show much more, and thats a good thing. More then likely why even with bad ratings here the actual viewership has continued to go up. But the books are just too darn entertaining to put down. Anyway specific to some of the characters and what some have said; Sam and the WW. I am a little confused by that as well. Could they possibly have the battle there, around Sam? That’s my only thought. Otherwise I agree why would they not kill and turn him? Its a teaser and only a teaser as the order is so messed up that I hope S3 does not start off like it left with Sam behind a rock. But we'll see. Danny. Well she is written as a 13 year old in the books and she came across to me as a bratty little 13 year old kid there. But even HBO has its limits, and a 13 year old with a horse lord is one of those limits. So they upped the age. Makes sense, but they kept the tone of the character as still a brat. So its frustrating to see someone as old as her acting like her has been written. If they matured her attitude as well as her age it would have changed who she really is. For that reason she is still one of my favorites. Rob. For most of the 2S in the book he is off scene, to the point that you really don’t hear anything about him. Not until he comes back already wed do you get the back-story. And basically that’s all it was at the point. Back story. So I for one am not too worried that they switched it up. I certainly feel more connected to the TV character wife he married then the book character wife he married. Other stuff too, but my take away is its a damn good show, sad to see this season end and looking forward to next season!
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