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    How would you rate episode 308?

    Very true. As I read the comments, many seems to liked the wedding, others hate it. It's impossible to please them all.
  2. jhodes

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Exactly how I feel. Far from the worst episode for me, but still, not a good season so far.
  3. jhodes

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Despite everyone knowing her true colors, she is subtle. She choose her words carefully, in order to seem harmless, but in the end, has a great potential of shock.
  4. jhodes

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I liked this episode, specially because there were too many weak episodes in this season so I'm being condescending. However, I'm not entirely satisfact. Too many adaptations and things non-related or unreal to the books are pissing me off. About this episode: 1- We can comprehend Robert's bastard adaptation to screen, but why Melisandre needs his penis inside her? Just to tide him up in the bed? 2- In books, Cersei would never scold/theat Margaery so openly. The same goes to Tyrion, with his openly transgression against the king. 3- What kind of lame wedding was that? If I'm not sure, in the books it was a fine wedding, even so they were struggling on getting the king`s wedding much beautiful and memorable, in order to forget Tyrion`s. 4- The Tyrion`s whore bothers me A LOT. Now, we will have Tyrion`s motivation to kill his father and the whore just because she WAS JEALOUS OF HIM? She is a prostitute, and this is what whores do, period! Just stick with the book! This may have been the worst decision of the producers. Not wise at all. 5- The actor who plays Sam is very good. The scene (which I was expecting Coldhands) however wasn't good enough. Not enough drama with the couple and the baby nor scary, with the later sequence. All in all, we can't expect just the "greater stuff" in episodes 9 and 10, so we can give it a 10/10 and forgive episodes that didn't bring us any excitement.
  5. jhodes

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    For me, it was the opposite. In the books, I feel like Cersei would never threat anyone openly(unless inferiors) like the way she did. She can be mean and egocentric but don't forget she is also intelligent and intuitive. A threat like that ("If you ever call me sister again I will have you strangled in your sleep") don't fit Cersei`s Character.
  6. Finally someone who agrees with me. The whole episode seemed pointless to me. 1- The weird council meeting: although Tyrion's scene with the chair was funny, the staring and the silence was ridiculous. 2- The Pod scene (even a little funny, the 3rd book has a zillion characters and things to explore, so why waste our time with things like that?) 3- Where the hell is Melisandre going? And she pointing out the lack of fire in Stannis.. creep. 4- The 3min scenes like: Arya saying goodbye to Hot Pie, the Jon Snow scene with Mance, etc., aren't giving us much information and just wasting precious time (I think). 5- The song in the credits didn't make sense.