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  1. No, it doesn't. Meryn's death was already well deserved. Beating little girls on screen was tasteless and did nothing for the plot. Just like adding a pregnancy staging tot he Red Wedding, or the entire Sansa rape thing. Or the "rape as a background prop" thing at Craster's keep. Really, it's a pattern.
  2. Thank you for you previous comments as well, I lacked the patience to pick through Split Pea Soup's terrible analysis. You saved me the time, thank you. Yes, it makes no sense to start a succession war at the same time you are also provoking a war with the crown. That's just dumb.
  3. Perhaps you misunderstand my point, which was that Ser Meryn was already a pedophile, and he beat Sansa a bunch of times - we have plenty of reason to want Arya to kill him. Adding in the scenes with him hitting little girls was completely unnecessary, only done to up the shock value. That is par for the course, as i said, because they have made a habit of doing this.
  4. Ha ha ha, my point exactly. It was supposed to be an escape attempt. Hilarious.
  5. Also, yeah, Varys just walks out on to the balcony in Mereen? At the top of the pyramid? He's not a faceless man, and Mereen isn't his city... Stannis being along in the woods after the battle where his whole force was routed is completely unrealistic. Mel riding from Winterfell to the Wall inside of one episode in the middle of Winter. I mean, one episode to the next, we all give them a pass, but in the same episode? Then we have the straight cheesy: three dudes sitting on the step in the throne room like there's nothing to do. Just so boring. A city in chaos, if only there was something to do. Anyone know any good stories? Man, so boring around here.Then we have the "OH!! You turned away from watching the tower thirty seconds too soon. So close! Man!" We had our obligatory "let's make any already dark scene truly horrific by adding in unnecessary and upsetting violence for shock factor" of the week... pedophilia isn't bad enough, let's have him hit beat the little girls. Par for the course from these guys.
  6. If you've gone out of your way to establish that the snow is melting, do not show any snow-storming in the episode, have scenes of people walking over ground only partially covered in snow, and then show two people jumping off of an 80 feet wall without ever showing a snow drift below them it just looks like they committed suicide. That's just sloppy. All they would have had to do is establish big snow drifts, but they did the exact opposite, showing the thin snow cover. Actually, I agree the Renly thing isn't a plot hole, but the rest of them are. And there are several others, as I mentioned and as others mentioned.
  7. It's not anything close to a condensed version of the books. That was true of season one only.
  8. Trystane is the heir to Sunspear and house Martel. It's one thing for her to think war is the best path for Dorne, but sacrificing the heir to the throne is insane. What's the point of that? If she want to provoke war, she would do what Darkstar did - kill her in Dorne. If you're going to do that, you'd kill Jaime too while you had him. Really? You thought Ellaria is trying to kill Doran's heir and cause civil war in Dorne while she starts a war with the Lannisters? That doesn't make any damn sense either.
  9. Those are all plot holes. Every single one. I particularly like how they showed us the snow melting a few miles from Winterfell, and that there is hardly any snow on the ground, and then Theon and Sansa just jump off the wall. I mean... come on. That has nothing to do with nitpicks about book to show adaptations. That's just stupid. ETA: just about as stupid as having Petyr leaving Robyn Arryn in the Vale (his tenuous and only claim to power there) and then go deliver Sansa on a plate to the Boltons (stupid beyond belief) and then for Roose not to just say "thank you" and cut Littlefingers head off (what he would have done). Just about as stupid as Jamie trying to play James Bond to sneak into a kingdom that he's supposedly allies with. 1.) he's not james Bond, and he doesn't know Dorne, and 2.) he's the LC of the KG and the Lannisters are "allies" with Dorne, he can just go there with a royal delegation if he wants.
  10. OK, let's start with really basic plot holes. If the Martels' plan is to assassinate Myrcella 500 feet off of the docks of 'Sunspear' or wherever that was supposed to be, why in fuck's name would they send their heir Trystane to the Lannisters? Anyone? The point of killing her is to start a war - so why send the heir to your royal seat unprotected into King's Landing? It's going to be really damn clear who fucking killed her. I mean, you don't have to read the books to realize that makes no sense. That has NOTHING to do with nitpicks about adaptation. That just doesn't make any damn sense.
  11. No it was great. Fanfic, still, but really well done. I give that one a 9.
  12. Not according to some people. Everything makes perfect sense, the show is better than the books. :dunce:
  13. :ack: :ack: :ack: Lots of things that are popular are terrible. If that's your criteria for good art, I call that strange. Enjoy your Backstreet Boys albums or whatever the modern version of such drek happens to be. Hey, it's popular! They sold millions of albums, so it's good, right?! If you don't like it, you're insane!
  14. Every episode this season has deserved it besides Hardhome.
  15. As for being in the minority... looks like for the show rating, "1" is running neck and neck with "10." So no, not really. Many people found this episode to be really bad. If you read the comments, many who rated it 8 / 10 still had many complaints.
  16. I'll take that as a "no, I can't tell that this show is a piece of crap with terrible writing and massive plot holes in every episode." Duly noted.
  17. Yes, production was not an issue on Vikings. It looked terrific.
  18. Missing out? WE ARE ALL WATCHING THIS TRAIN WRECK. No one is missing out on anything. Quite the opposite, it's something of the car wreck you try very hard to look away from.
  19. The fact that you can defend the show after an episode like that is LOLOLOLs all night. Yes. A few weeks ago, I was telling book readers to take it easy on show watchers who don't read the books and just watch the show for some relaxation time at the end of the day. Not everyone has time to analyze individual character arcs and find inconsistencies, etc. But now, I think we are at that point where anyone defending the writing on the show simply doesn't have credibility with people who understand the basics of writing, plot development, etc etc etc. No need to be mean to anyone, but this is objectively not a well written show. Very few scenes made much sense this year, with this last episode taking that to a new level. I don't see how anyone can take this show seriously. Since when was the world of ASOIAF campy?
  20. The fact that you can defend the show after an episode like that is LOLOLOLs all night.
  21. I figure it's gotten bad enough to where even those who haven't read the books can tell that it's a complete farce.
  22. So is everyone done watching this terrible show now? This seals the deal, right?
  23. Yes, there was no reason to add that. It was horrible enough to murder a family at a wedding - showing that dude repeatedly stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach was completely unnecessary and only done for shock value. You have to consider the medium when you make art. Certain things are quite different when depicted visually, and must be handled appropriately. I can't imagine being a pregnant woman (or the husband of a pregnant woman) and watching that scene. The show consistently chooses to cut out interesting dialogue, complexity, subtlety, the consequences of violence, etc. in favor of more porn - violence porn and murder porn. Consider the scene at Crasters with the mutineers. Yeah. Then we have the debacle with Jamie and Cersei. Five or six episodes of SHOWING Theon's mutilation and torture, thinly only alluded to in the book. Dave and Dan are clearly not capable of handling the issue of rape with any kind of sensitivity or tact. The plot changes they make don't make sense, and do not take character's motivations and arcs into account. Thus we get Sansa wildly careening back and forth between victim and player, even within one episode. She puts the stupid bath maid in her place (seriously, that character is terribly written), that's good, you can't intimidate Sansa. Then five minutes later, she's back to being a victim again. I mean... choosing to have someone get raped is a pretty major change to their character. Thus, this episode was wntirely symbolic of their handling of this book series. They raped it, pretty thoroughly.
  24. That was the last episode I will ever watch. I already was having trouble taking it seriously any more, but now this. Rape, murder, and violence are a part of life, especially war. George R. R. Martin deals with those issues with the appropriate complexity and thoughtfulness that they require. Dave and Dan have interpreted that as a license to create senseless murder porn. I should have stopped watching after the completely unecessary pregnancy-stabbing they added in for shock value to the Red Wedding, but this surely put the nail in coffin. Not only was that Dorne scene not worthy of appearing on Xena Warrior Princess, it wasn't even worthy of the shows that COPY Xena Warrior Princess. As if we needed another reason to stop watching. That entire scene was just silly, as all the Dorne scenes have been. What a travesty. If you only watch the show, please understand, you are not watching basically anything that happened in the books at this point. Not even close. Finished.
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