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  1. I honestly give up on this conversation as I'm only arguing in circles anyway. I think Jaime's an ass. I feel zero sympathy for Cersei. I think Incest is bad. I hope neither survive to see the 7th book. There, I'm done. Have at it. :drunk:
  2. Regardess of what happened when they were children, the adults that chose to kill King Robert's true-born fetus and only give birth to Jaime's were adults and completely accountable for their actions. Actions that caused a horrible ripple effect that hurt all of the seven kingdoms. I'm just surprised that people actually try to justify their actions. The incest was completely wrong and absolutely no good came from it at all.
  3. The incest was a choice. A choice that they continued into their adult lives. You're going to honestly tell me that something that happened due to pure happenstance is equal to two people making a conscience choice, knowing all the while it was wrong? Jaime and Cersei shouldn't be held accountable for their actions here? Because it seems like that's what you're trying to do. Blame anyone and everyone except for the two responsible.
  4. If there was no incest, then Bran would have never been pushed out of a window. No cripple Bran, no captured Tyrion, No reason for the Lannisters to go to war. Also, if there wouldn't have been any incest, then Cersei would have give birth a a true-born son for Robert. A son that Ned, Stannis and Renly would have protected. So, they would not have gone to war either. Littlefinger would have been a gun with no bullets without the incest.
  5. No, it was the fact that Robert had no true born sons that causes the war. Which again points to the incest. Ned would have protected Roberts kids unto his death if they would have been his true children.
  6. I don't dislike Jaime because I believe that he's pure evil. I dislike him because of even when he's trying to do something good he comes off as an asshole. He can't get out of his own way long enough to become a truly good character person.
  7. Just because you hate when someone claims that one character is the cause of everything doesn't mean I'm wrong. A lot of characters have made a lot of choices to forge the events as a whole, but the first domino in this long chain of events WAS the incestual relationship between Jaime and Cersei. That really can't be denied.
  8. Cersei admitted to once conceiving a baby with Robert and that Jaime took care of it before it could be born. Also, Joffrey was always messed up. Don't you remember the story in Feast about him doing something to a cat that made Robert beat him bloody?
  9. LOL, wut? It's blind hate to blame twin's incestual relationship for the horrors that occur in this series when EVERYTHING can be pointed to said incest? It's more like blind love on your part for Jaime it would seem. heck, you love for that character has you DEFENDING incest for the seven's sake!
  10. No, the incest isn't the reason for his ambition, true. Though it is the primary force behind his plan. Without it, the plan simply doesn't work. Her incest/bastards were the primary reason for Ned, Stannis, Renly and John Arryn to take the actions that they did.
  11. Jaime and Cersei were screwing way before she married Robert. Also, Robert cared about Ned and Ned helped the Watch.
  12. Again, NONE, I repeat NONE of those things would have happened if not for their incest. If you want to blame Tywin, fine. But you can't say that the incest wasn't the starting ripple effect.
  13. The point still stands. She captured Tyrion because of what she suspected he had done to Bran. And Bran's fall was again a result of Jaime and Cersei's incest. No incest, no fall, no need to capture Tyrion.
  14. Nothing forced them to sleep with one another. They had those feelings even when they were little as described by Cersei in the books. Without their incest, nothing else that happens in the books would have happened. It was the first proverbial domino. And to say those that dislike Jaime are narrow minded is you being a little narrow minded yourself. Honestly, if I knew any child murders in RL, I don't think they'd ever be able to make it up in life either. And you can't say that he's not a child murder just because Bran lived. He had every intention for him to die in that fall.
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