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  1. Out of character? Think again, back to his attempted murder of Bran - a young boy.
  2. He tried to kill Bran Stark, but failed. The boy was only 10, even younger in the books. Jaime is heartless to strangers if he can save his own hide (<--- see the lion reference there?).
  3. Well, I think "A Storm of Swords" will be made into 2 seasons.
  4. I wonder how far the TV show will deviate from the books. I really hope that a lot of things are changed to suit the taste of most viewers (who are simply non-book readers).
  5. By the way, is the word "grammar" a relatively modern word? Daenerys said that word when she was corrected. You mean the dragons? By the way, what was on that sheet of paper Arya took from Tywin's table? Was it a letter directed from Littlefinger to Arya or something? I mean, Arya was pretty determined to take it.
  6. So, the letter Talisa was writing, was she actually sarcastic when she said she was a spy? She may have told the truth jokingly, so that no one would be suspicious of her. "The Young Wolf is on the move.." Was that what she really wrote?
  7. I love the improvements to Dany's storyline. The House of Undying scenes will be much more interesting now. The future of "Game of Thrones" is saved!
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