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    How would you rate episode 209?

    I didn't think there was any way they could meet the expectations for this episode - but wow. That has to be one of the greatest hours of television ever. Martin is brilliant.
  2. Totally agree I like what they're doing with Tywin. He a typical Martin character not good or evil - just capable of both, I think he would know Arya is a highborn, In the books when Theon is adapting to his new persona he has to take care to say "m'lord"instead of "my lord" to keep from giving away his noble birth. The character they're doing the worst with has to be Baelish. On the show he seems obvious and not especially clever. In the book he is a total enigma, you can never be sure what his motivations or loyalties are. He just seems to thrive in the chaos. Gillen is doing the best he can with the material but still disappointing.
  3. Overall I thought it was a pretty good episode. It seems a lot of people are complaining that Dany's khalasar is being killed off, but the victims looked like Daxos' servants to me (other than Irri). I also wonder if Drogon may have escaped the dragonappers, since they only showed two tails. I do think they're portraying Dany as too much of a petulant, entitled brat but I guess she doesn't really start to show here true leadership capabilities (and heart) until ASoS.