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    The purpose of R+L=J?

    There was no purpose, apparently.
  2. I thought that was the unsullied he was talking to last ep.
  3. Am I the only one wondering who actually speaks the Dothraki tongue? Dany, Jorah, and Missandei died.
  4. I see three possible reactions from Dany: 1) she wants to marry Jon to keep Targs together 2) She can't have kids, and she wants Targ heir, so she agrees to recognize Jon if he forgoes his claim, and produces heir for her 3) she wants to kill Jon to get rid of his higher birthright claim. (Basically these are speculations I thought of for Dany and either Jon or Faegon from the books - I don't see why her reactions to Jon in the show would be different - these are basically the only 3 reactions she would have, IMO, either way)
  5. I've seen them in multiple interviews say that their show is LOTR for adults, while smirking - if these two are going to be smarmy/mocking/smug about being better than Tolkien, the high fantasy originator, then of course they think that they are better then GRRM. I would like to have thought that the criticisms of the past would have humbled them, but nope. There;s a reason why every off book/no book to follow storyline and dialog got worse.
  6. willowbark

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    I wasn't serious, but shows can also find a way to film without the actors being together( hobbits and gandalf, for example)
  7. willowbark

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Some thoughts: 1) Dany and Arya haven't met yet - what if they finally meet, and Dany gets upset about the North calling Arya the hero for killing the NK, and proclaim her QITN, Arya and Dany have death threat exchanges, and Dany plans to have Arya assassinated - I think that would tear up a lot of fans, having to pick sides. 2) Jon learns about Arya killing the NK, and finds her knapsack of faces, and has a heart attack and die. 3) Bronn actually does come north and kills both Tyrion and Jaimie, then goes back, kills Euron, marries Cersei, and is consort to the queen. 4) Jon agres to keep parentage quiet, but Sam talks to Sansa and Arya, Sansa tells Tyrion, who switches sides. Varys finds out, and tyrion frames Varys as the spie. Dany burns Varys alive, and the north is horrified. Dany plots to have Jon killed, so he can't be supported over her for the throne. Gold Cloaks learn of Jon and leave Cersie for Jon. Dany sleeps with Euron to get Iron born. Dance of Dragons 2.0 5) Qyburn resurrects Rhaegar, who refuses (again ) to marry Cersei, but does marry Dany, to rule 7k.
  8. willowbark

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I agree with all of your points - I think the show just wanted the battle to look as desparate as possible, and didn't think about the fact that there is an actual line of believability that gets crossed - they were way too overwhelmed, for way too long, for me to believe that they have enought soldiers left to go after Cersei.
  9. willowbark

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    If NK doesn't exist in books, then there would't be a single person to kill the NK. MAybe in books, AOTD is settled differently. They have already said that there are some changes from book/show, while major points are still the same, and they won't tell us what those changes are. Or, if Rhaegar hadn't stolen Lyanna, then Brandon would marry Catelyn Tully, and Arya would not be born. So maybe it's that.
  10. willowbark

    Discussing Sansa XXXVI: Long Night

    I know - I think if this is in the books, GRRM would have her be the positive foil to Cersei in Blackwater. I was just telling my partner that since they ran out of books, the show is moving forward without setting things up to be character driven, but rather for moments that they want to see/feelings they want to evoke from viewers. I don't think Sansa (or even others) in Crypts were based on their actual characterizations, but rather because the show wanted certain things/conversations to happen (people begging to come in, quickly going silent, Sansa/Tyrion interaction, etc).
  11. willowbark

    Discussing Sansa XXXVI: Long Night

    I think the show is setting up Tyrion being interested in proposing to Sansa again: 1) When Sansa was telling him that they wouldn't work because of the divided loyalties, she was slightly smiling at him I think, so I didn't take this to be a dig at Dany; I actually thought that she was teasing Tyrion for the accusations Dany has publicly given him about his family - suggesting Dany wouldn't like Tyrion having his loyalty divided with a Stark wife. Missandei didn't take it that way, but I did, probably because I had seen Sansa and Tyrion's relationship before. 2) When she pulled out the dagger, and had that wide eyed look, and he kissed her hand, and then led them out to gather with others: was he worried that she would kill herself, and then decide to be brave and try to give hope of escape/survival? I don't think I like Sansa and Tyrion being married at the end, but I'm all for them having a good respectful friendship. I wonder if the show is setting up a fake romance/rekindle marriage plot line?
  12. willowbark

    A theory about the Night King

    We can just rewatch the newly revamped opening credits and check it out.
  13. willowbark

    A theory about the Night King

    I wonder if they have to remove the dragonglass from his heart, before he can be killed? Then someone would have to get in close to pull it out (or Arya can somehow use her spear to push it out from behind).
  14. willowbark

    Mysterious Missandei

    I had a couple of different thoughts on Missandei this season: 1) I really wish they had scenes with her and another female character - maybe she will have one in the crypts this episode. 2) Last season, Jon asked her what Dany would do if Missandei wanted to leave. Episode 2, Greyworm asks if she wants to leave, and they make plans. Is this the "making plans ensures you don't live to see those plans" plot, or a "is Dany really going to let you go like you think" plot? 3) With her languages, and the fact that Westeros is about to get further decimated by war with AOTD and for the Iron Throne, she could be very useful for helping to translate and set up trade contracts/diplomacy with other nations in Essos - I would love final ruler of 7 K to give her an official position in her own right, as Master of Trade, or Foreign Relations, etc, so she has a position/title/merit on her own.
  15. willowbark

    Episode 3 preview

    I noticed that some of the scenes have snow, and others do not - so can we assume that any scene with snow means that there is a direct closeness to the NK, as he brings the snow with him? Wouldn't this also prove that he's not going to Kings Landing, like I've read other people state on the internet? (I don't remember any other scenes where the snow/storm came with WW aside from NK, but I don't remember all of the scenes, either - does anyone else know more about how the show has managed this?)