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    What should we expect from the Vale?

    I think almost anything is more interesting for her than this!
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    What should we expect from the Vale?

    I know; back when people here on Westeros were talking about Sansa's arc going back to Kings Landing after her last published book chapter (prior to the Winds Alayne chapter), I really didn't like it, and hoped it wasn't where her story was going. After the show took her from the Vale early, I hoped it meant that the return to KL was a false flag. But the hints of a kidnap plot in S7 made me convinced that it was going to happen. The fact that people, prior to the show, found foreshadowing in the books, and then show waters who aren't book readers, could see hints from S7 (and independent of each other/not influenced by the other form of storytelling) both saw that her story was going to be captured again in KL, convinces me that this is where GRRM intends her story to go eventually.
  3. willowbark

    What should we expect from the Vale?

    I think that there are a lot of pieces in the Vale, with lots of different potential directions, which is why when I read one person's theory, I can see their points, and then I read another one, and I think "good points". I think GRRM did this purposefully. I agree with everyone who sees foreshadowing with Sansa going north, as well as Sansa getting taken to KL. I do believe there is foreshadowing for both. I don't think Sansa is someone who will use sex as a tool, as I believe that she is Cersei's foil - Cersei and Sansa had the same dreams of being queens, and both were infatuated with handsome princes when they were younger. Both want/wanted children. I think the differences are that Sansa will make different choices than Cersei. So, my thoughts are: 1) Sansa notices that Lothar Brune is interested in Mya. Maybe Sansa gets Mya and Lothar to help her escape the Vale and go north to Jon (she just learned he's lord commander, and doesn't know he's dead). Maybe they pick up the Gravedigger and Brienne, Pod, or Jamie on the way. 2) Sansa thinks on needing to stay a maid so she can have her marriage to Tyrion annulled. She also doesn't want to marry again while married to Tyrion. It's against the gods, plus she doesn't want to be married. I don't think she'll seduce anyone sexually, because I think she's invested in staying a maid for these reasons she's had in her POV. 3) After she goes north, LF will take army of Vale north to get her, and they will work with free folk and what is left of Stannis' army, to get WF from Boltons. She's been declared the Key to the North, so I think she needs to be involved with WF coming back to Starks. 4) She will have LF executed in WF for his crimes. (This has to happen, the Ghost of High Heart, as well as WF castle in snow scene spelled it out, I believe) 5) Cersei will have Sansa kidnapped and brought to KL (I think there is too much foreshadowing for this not to happen, so I think it happens after the north storyline, to wrap up the Valanqor theory, and Cersei/Jamie story, as well as Cersei/Sansa story.)
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    Why do people ship Sandor and Sansa?

    Paternal Investment Theory - I think Ned left a lot of Sansa's upbringing to Catelyn and the Septa, and we see in AGOT how he explains things to Arya about KL and Lannisters but not Sansa. It could be that he was not as engaged with Sansa growing up. According to this Theory, his lack of engagement with her would lead her to be less selective in choosing prospective partners as she gets older, as the father-daughter relationship helps the daughter to evaluate the qualities and behavior she is looking for. I don't see Sansa as interested in the Hound, but as she is starting to have her sexuality develop, and her choices to think on appear to be LF, Tyrion, a fictitious Willas that is quite soon lost to her, and Hound (and because of her birth, he's not even a marriage partner), it might be that he's just the safest to think on.
  5. willowbark

    Why do people ship Sandor and Sansa?

    I never knew it was a ship until I started coming to this site. At Sansa's age, we meet her pre-puberty, and see her going through literal development. She is just starting to realize sexual and romantic attraction in her POVs. Sandor has been one of the males who has consistently shown some kind of interest in her, and he offers her some measure of protections. I think it's notable that Sansa has been around such abuse and grooming that someone who expresses interest, but "didn't beat her" probably seems the safest of the lot. Tyrion in the books is not safe for her. She thinks in the books, that he can decide to take his marital rights at any time, and fears it, when they are together. LF certainly isn't safe, and she is making the distinction that there is Petyr and Littlefinger, but she is still not quite realizing the danger of Petyr as well. I think part of why she thinks more on Sandor after leaving KL, is that he is not there - therefore he is safe to be a stand in, in her thoughts, without a realistic threat of harm, while she is developing.
  6. willowbark

    Can we talk about Jon?

    I agree with you. Jon is unconcious, and wakes up on the boat, headed south, with Dany hovering (AFTER she just saw the NK and the WW). Clearly she is more invested in the Iron Throne than fighting the NK army. She says she will help him (but they are still going south on the boat when she says this). This is when Jon actually starts to look like he's into Dany - the beach leaving before the Wighthunt he looks eager to be gone and not interested. In the Dragonpit parley, after Cersei leaves, he asks Dany what happens now. She says she cant forget the night king BUT she can't pretend that Cersei won't take back what Dany has won. Jon says "we're fucked" and they smile and flirt about her inability to have children. Jon says maybe her source isn't reliable. Jaime also talks to Cersei about the importance of fighting NK to save the realm for their child. Basically, we have 2 men telling the 2 queens to think of the NK in context of saving the world for children/possible children, is how I'm seeing that. If we also apply the phrase "everything before the word but is horseshit", then not only did Jon say, "I'd bend the knee, but..." and we have Dany saying "I can't forget about the NK, but..." As clumsy as S5-S7 may have felt at times, I think the show is setting up S8 to make the viewer see a number of foreshadowed twists/betrayals, and really be torn about multiple characters we like/care about, being on opposite sides/playing the game.