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    How would you rate episode 209?

    Very good episode. An 8+ from me. The Wildfire explosions were well done, well and above most everything that’s been done in a TV series. Rains of Castamere ! The Cersei + Tommen scene on the throne was chilling. The scene with Sansa comforting the ladies after Cersei left, perfect. Maisie Williams gets a lot of (deserved) praise for her Arya, Sophie Turner is just as good with Sansa, in an arguably more difficult role. A few quibbles to explain the 8: : As always, some unecessary scenes : Cersei questioning Shae (why would her Grace care about a maid, and this in the middle of a battle?). Bronn and the Hound squaring off, silly. I felt the Sansa + Hound scene was missing a little something. At least they didn’t skip it. Ilyn Payne still looks ridiculous. Stannis fronting the attack. Wearing no helmet. -.-