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  1. 63 '1' votes. I've only seen two or three movies EVER that I'd rate a 1. It has to be downright offensive and less valuable than the cost of celluloid to warrant a 1, doesn't it? Surely the production values and acting warrant AT LEAST a 3 despite not adhering 100% to the source material...
  2. Exactly. Based on the books and the challenges of adaptation, I had really low expectations for this season. But it wasn't bad at all.
  3. They're going to come back to the valonquar thing. She said Cersei would get three questions, but only answered the first two. Then it cut back suddenly. We'll return to Maggie the Frog at some point. Just as a warning to the book purists....please expect her to say "brother" and not "valonquar".
  4. Very good episode considering nothing really big happened.
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