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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can tell he doesn't know what he is going to do with her, I just don't understand why he volunteered to be the one to kill her if he couldn't/ had a problem with it, and why he doesn't kill her now since bringing her back to the rangers would just cause them to kill her anyway. I guess we will never know now that he is captured, but it didn't make alot of sense to me. It sure got a lot of screen time compared to some of the more interesting stories. I see. Well the honor thing didn't seem to bother Stannis too much, I mean he sent the thing to kill his own brother after all. And it didn't seem like the smoke creature took very long from the time they had sex to the time it was "born". I guess an army yes would take a long time, but we don't know what happened to the first one, so if it is still under his command, he might as well make as many as he can, there doesn't seem to be any downside. I guess it just seems like torture would be more effective than killing 20 men and saying even 100 wouldn't be too few. Dead men don't say anything. Interesting, I wonder why they cut the siege out and didn't just have it play out off screen like all the other battles have? Yeah I caught that part, I just didn't really get what the point of her trip to visit Jaime was for, she didn't seem to be questioning him or anything, just went there and listened to him insult her. I guess I must have missed something there then.
  2. As a new member to the forums and non-reader I am finding some of the story lines confusing this season. I don't really understand what is going on with Jon Snow. The ranger said they had to kill the wildling girl and Jon volunteered to do it, but then he couldn't, so she temporarily got away. But I don't understand why he tied her up again and where he is going with her, when the other ranger said they didn't have the manpower or food to keep a prisoner? Won't the other Night's Watch just kill her if he finds them anyway? So I didn't really understand what his plan was there. I guess the wildling was trying to seduce him? Watching them walk thru the snow while she is trying to get him out of his pants was a bit boring. Didn't the girl say that they would kill any nights watch they caught and yeilding would just lead to torture before yeilding when the ranger asked her what would happen if he yielded? But the previews for next week look like they took him prisoner so maybe that will happen next, or maybe Jon will join them to escape death, or the other rangers rescue him. I guess in this show he could die too, but seems like a lot of rather boring story this season up north if that was to be his fate. But then again look at what happened to Bran and his brother. We got to see magic reaching new levels of influence in the world. I don't mind magic in the story, but I do wonder why Stannis doesn't just send an army of smoke creatures to kill all his enemies, or why the bald guy who can make dozens of copies of himself doesn't just rule with that amount of power. Or why they let Jorah and Dany's other people live after the coup? I don't exactly understand why they need Dany to keep the dragons alve either for that matter. But she has been anoying this season anyway, so if she dies it might make the story better. I love Tyrion though. His story line has been good and it looks like he is starting to bond with his sister some as they both recognize what Joffrey is. Besides the whole double incest thing, Cersei isn't that bad a person. Argueably Catelyn is worse since she started the whole war by kidnapping Tyrion with no proof beyond Littlefinger's word, and we know what that is worth now. It looks like Sansa may get set up for marriage now that she is old enough, and Shae certainly took a big risk for her by threatening the other maid. I wonder why she is so loyal to Sansa? She doesn't seem to be that caring towards Tyrion. Perhaps she is a Stark spy or something? Sansa used to dream about Joffrey and now he is her nightmare. Too bad for her that Joffrey isn't more like Cersei, but instead has Jamie's disregard for human life. Arya and Tywin had some more great scenes this week. The actors really do a great job and the visuals for the castle were pretty awesome. It looks like Tywin knows that Arya is a noble, but he hasn't asked her for a name yet, still calls her girl. I wonder if he knows exactly WHO she is. On the one hand there can't be that many potential noble girls out there on the run who are that age and basic physical description of Arya Stark and it seems that someone would have mentioned that she was missing to him by now. On the other hand you would think he would have her as a guarded prisoner if he knew she was a Stark, and not have her attending his strategy councils or bringing him his food and drink. I didn't really understand why Tywin had 20 of his own men hung, rather than tortured or something if he was trying to find out who the assasin is? I can't wait to see who her 3rd kill is going to be. There were a few times when she appeared to be eyeing Tywin up. It looks like Robb has a little crush on the nurse despite his vow to wed back in season 1. We shall see what happens when they go to the Crag to accept it's surrender. I'm kind of surprised that a castle would surrender without a siege though, so perhaps it is a trap? Or is the Crag a village? I'm not sure I trust the nurse at this point. You can certainly see where Joffrey got his evil characteristics from when we see the scene with Jamie killing his own cousin just on the off chance that the guard might slip into a position that would allow him to kill him, and escape. An escape that was short lived, and Catelyn has to step in to save Jamie from an early death in retaliation for his killing. Though the guard almost deserved his fate for his incompetance in going into the cell alone after Jamie had just killed his own cousin and turning his back on Jamie. I didn't really understand what Catelyn was trying to get out of him when she went with the big warrior women to see him, but perhaps she finally got sick of his tongue and took vengeance for Ned with the sword she took. We can only hope. Then the other dirt bag Theon chased down Bran and his brother and appears to have burned them. I don't blame them trying to escape, but I don't exactly understand why they didn't take horses. Bran had his own special saddle from earlier episodes and it seems that would have been much faster. I guess that is why they got caught, but we don't know what happened to Hodor or Osha yet. The Bran storyline was kind of boring to this point so I don't care that much about them being gone, though Theon is still a bastard for turning on the Starks that way. We got to see the wolves some more, but it did make me think about where were the wolves when Theon took the castle? It seems like they are even bigger this season, and I would have thought the 2 of them would have protected them. I wonder if Theon killed them too? Anyway, interesting episode even if some of it didn't make sense to me in it's execution. Not one of my favorite's, but still better than most shows on the TV these days.