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  1. Haha it's okay, books 4 and 5 had a lot of trash in them anyway, some people will love to hate-watch the show, at least it gets them that entertainment. While teleporters aren't the most fun, I'd take a teleporter over Briennes feast chapters any day of the week. Thought ep10 was pure gold, especially the kings landing stuff.
  2. If you guys have so much trouble with the women on this show not always being the ones to save themselves, go ahead and watch madmax on loop. They haven't shown anything in the show so far to suggest that Dany & Missandei would be running around with daggers stabbing golden masked men -- that level of fanfiction would truly kill the show twice as hard.
  3. Guys who was the hooded man/woman on the last boat Jon got on in the last scene!!!
  4. I did not think it would end that soon what the fuck. I don't know how I feel about the episode.. its like nothing happened.. like for an episode nine this felt VERY underwhelming
  5. Naked Mel > naked Ros just saying. Pretty good episode. Was it me or was Cersei just talking about Castamere a bit odd? It didn't seem to necessarily fit -- kinda like they just put it in there to setup for next episode. Oh well. I think the best part about this episode was the pacing. No scene felt rushed and the transitions were just smooth and natural. I really wish they do this in future episodes. Deal with only half the characters but give them a proper sub-arc instead of just giving each person 2minutes token time on screen. Also, HOW GOOD WAS IT TO NOT HAVE THEON THIS EPISODE!!!!!!
  6. Did no one put 2 and 2 together to figure out that Edric was out and being replaced by Gendry. How the hell else would they get Gendry to Stannis and get that plot started. Pretty sure Loras said fringe or fringed and not french, but god for bid we give the episode a 2/10 cause a minor character said fringe or french instead of myrish. The scene can be called weak for not taking the story anywhere, apart from showing once again that Sansa is clueless about him. Looking forward to reading Ran/Linda's analysis etc, but I feel like you guys are hating the episode a bit too much.
  7. I really hope Bryan Cogman gets to write more than 1 episode each season.. this was my fav episode of the season (even though Dany took fav scene last ep)
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