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  1. I'm sure it has, but until GRRM himself releases it, it wont be copied and pasted here.
  2. As you point out later on in your statement, Jorah would still be around. And how terrible Tyrion is? Whaaaaaaaat?
  3. I'm personally hoping Brienne kills Stoneheart so her life can parallel that of Jaime's, I am sure Jaime had no intention of killers Aerys when he swore his oath as Brienne didn't but she will realize there are more important things. I hope at least.
  4. Barristan Selmy WAS at one time, described as THE GREATEST KNIGHT, he was never described as the greatest fighter, in fact we have numerous examples of people at least claiming to be better. As long as he was alive Arthur Dayne is said to have been the greatest swordsmen on the kg. Jaime lists himself then Meryn trant as the most dangerous men on the kg, not Selmy, because by that time Selmy had been slowed by his age Edit: ( I presume). Jaime did not even consider Barristan in the top 10 anymore. I don't think Victarion is incapable of recognizing friend from foe, he may not be book smart but he is a seasoned commander and while Tyrion and the sellswods might not, Selmy has dragon banners.
  5. Theres always the death and revival possibility. GRRM took the time to introduce Thoros, who then revived Beric. Something most people took to be a simple lead up to Cat being revived by Beric. But what if Jaime gets killed, and Thoros, knowing he will die, he said as much to Beric that the next time would kill them both, gives Jaime the Kiss, reviving him and animating his hand.
  6. Not even with Ebola or black plague or SARS or pick your poison would everyone who came in contact with it be infected. Some people r just badass in that way. Tyrion's not being infected by the stone men does not mean that it is not a deadly plague. I see no reason why JonCon's own thoughts about the deadliness of the disease and its transferability should be ignored based on Tyrions not being infected. As far as Shireen go's, Vals comments open up the possibility that the childhood form of the disease is only temporarily halted, and that cold winter weather could unleash the adult form.
  7. It's extremely transferable, it's a plague waiting to happen. Touch might not even be required. Look at Vals comments to Jon, or the Tyrion chapter where they are sailing threw the sorrows, or the JonCon chapter when he shows us he has greyscale and tells us how no one would follow him if they knew, they would burn him or run as far away as possible.
  8. Rhoyner magic. or some Targ bastardy/marriages leading to targ dreams. Definitely foreshadowing Aegon and Dany fighting.
  9. Idk if Stannis would even care Tyrion was there, he would probably like it since he could use him to take the Westerlands. If Stannis wants to hire the Golden Company then he either doesn't anticipate the mercenaries staying or he is willing to pardon 10,000 exiles. 1 halfman shouldn't be too much more.
  10. You know thats super interesting. Everyone thinks Tyrion is about to join up with Dany and co, but if as you said they are looked at as vultures and have to flee, it would be a huge twist to have Tyrion wind up back at the wall and with Stannis or Jon.
  11. HAHAHAHA thats why all the women loved him, his dick was magical. I have to stick with Drogon=lightbringer.
  12. While there seems to be foreshadowing of his death, I could also see Barristan being Danys betrayal for love if Septa Lenore is indeed Ashara Dayne.
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