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  1. Instead of being captured by Stannis I think Asha is going to join him because they have a mutual enemy; Bolton. Anyone else wondering who was that dude with scar looking at Asha weird on the ship. I think Cersei and Tyrion are the plotters in Joffery's death. I got that sense when Tyrion asked "How long does it go on" then Cersei says "Until we dealt with all our enemies" and Tyrion replies "Every time we defeat an enemy we create two more" as in the case of Ned Stark's execution. No Fake Arya I guess Jaime returning before PW, eh I don't know. I'll see how it plays out And Stannis, yea buddy the King is coming for the Wall. The moment I been waiting for. Tywin and Joffery I loved it. It was too funny. Almost made up for the Red Wedding. From what I see Roose doesn't give a shit about Walder either. See how he stood there and was quiet. Old Frey kept bragging and bragging. Roose is like "Um the Blackfish escaped" Frey's like "So" and Roose is like "Ok whatever don't say I didn't warn you" But what is it about the show that keeps me loving Roose for some reason, god I hate it. Does anyone else have that problem. It seems Mel convinced Stannis to go North not Davos, but its cool. Dany, mhmmm mhmmm hmm that's my one true love.
  2. Are you the Moderater for the GOT Season 3 forum?

  3. Guess Talisa couldn't wait to write that letter, and in Valaryian too? Hmmm And what is more surprising is that she is pregnant, or was she just saying that since she is a spy? And the Blackfish is going to the Twins? Maybe in all the confusion Blackfish and Talisa will escape the Wedding, idk
  4. Remember that fucking Hornblower Cersei........the most beautiful woman in all the seven kingdoms.......Hmm, yea right I don't think so. Aside from being Queen Regent and having sexy cheekbones she ain't nothing special. The Title of Most Beautiful Woman in the Seven Kingdoms falls to either Sansa, Margaery, or Cat.
  5. I fucking HATE Roose!!! but I will say and give credit, the actor does a fantastic job at his portrayal of the Lord of the Dreadfort And yes that is funny how he pops up every time Talisa and His Grace want privacy The actor who plays Roose also reminds me of Daniel Craig, they both have those deep eyes.
  6. Oh yea, those Reeds are evil. I don't care what nobody says, Howland may have cried but he has the power to see the future and what does he do with it, he lets are beloved Ned die, yea that's a true friend for ya.
  7. obviously D&D don't have a problem with Sansa age, unlike many people on here. I know I don't, she fine, beautiful, and sexy I don't have a problem with Cat's change, GRRM probably has that written in his character notes. All good writers write notes about their characters that sometimes don't make it in the story. I wished she said how Ned felt when Jon was sick. Shae is my girl, love her Olenna, lol, too fucking funny Margaery is playing Joffery, she knows how to play the game well. Ramsay is of course Ramsay. I wished we saw or hear some Frey reaction to the wedding too. So the Riverland swords were not with Robb the whole time? Where the fuck were they if they weren't fighting in season 2? I always assumed they were in the army and battles but we never saw them.
  8. My lord, you are not lying Catelyn is truly the Milf in the North. Loving your signature

  9. Stannis will arrive within a day or two, so does that mean HBO is changing who wins hmmmm!!!! Tywin decided to go home. I know in the books Edmure "delayed" him so Tywin was forced to retreat and go south, but i'm not sure about this two day arrival thing.
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