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  1. They, the ominous they!

  2. For those who haven't seen it, a nice little reaction from Aimee Richardson (Myrcella): https://vine.co/v/MJp2KxmPei1
  3. The Episode 10 stuff would have to deal with the caging of the dragons, so they may cause a bit of trouble in or around Meereen too. Also, I don't know how crazy they're going to go with Leaf and Bloodraven either, but perhaps it could have a bit to do with Bran's story - a vision maybe?
  4. Ha, Alan Taylor is building up the mystery of the poisoner while GRRM just spills the beans!
  5. Yeah, I liked that little touch. Also having he and Cersei being the ones holding Joff, until Cersei pushes Jaime away.
  6. I know, I was just thinking in terms of how they'll end the marriage pact between Cersei and Loras. I suppose he can still run off for his heroic siege of Dragonstone, but it would just seem more foolhardy now that he's the heir.
  7. I thought they were still nudging in the direction of Loras joining the Kingsguard, actually. Seemed like they were hinting at it during Loras and Jaime's confrontation, as it would also prevent the marriage from happening and allow Loras to be close to Margaery. We'll see anyway. I'm not entirely sure how they'll handle the Tyrells moving forward into AFFC territory.
  8. So I finally got around to re-watching this episode, and damn - I honestly feel like Joffrey's death is the single most uncomfortable moment on the show for me thus far. Just like in the books, it's this odd mixture of "Yes, it's finally happening!" and horror of a boy choking to death in the arms of his mother, while she watches him die in fear and agony. It's strange. I know the big story for everyone is that Joffrey is dead, and everyone's celebrating about his long overdue comeuppance; but just like in the books, it never truly felt like a victory for me. So credit (again) to GRRM, Jack Gleeson, Lena Headey, and the rest of the cast & crew who crafted that scene. Joffrey's death is horrifying, and makes me squirm just as much as a certain child's death in The Wire. You know a book/show is good when you actually feel sorry for one of the biggest monsters in the story.
  9. We know that Brienne bites someones ear off this season. Seeing as how Biter and Rorge aren't associated with her story in the show, perhaps Locke will be her confrontation? The only problem is if Locke does reach The Wall (I'm sure it's been confirmed that he does), I just can't see him leaving it alive.
  10. I think she was brilliant. Lena didn't miss a step, she had tears rolling down her cheeks after the initial shock. Cersei hates being perceived as weak and vulnerable - is it really that much of a stretch to believe she's trying to restrain herself (albeit with difficulty) in front of the public? By the looks of it the next episode picks up again from that scene, so there's still more reactions to come.
  11. Jeremy Jahns on the episode (that was quick!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcY6f1VvC9E
  12. Geez, what are you supposed to do when someone's choking to the point of bleeding out their eyes and nose? Jaime tried to do whatever he could in that situation, while Cersei was just in pure shock. I don't know how anyone could dispute Lena's acting there; she went wild at the end of it. She literally spat at the guards to seize Tyrion.
  13. From what I gathered, no. Bronn mentioned he was followed, but he/they believed it was just Varys since he was in on the plan as well. But since we know Tywin ordered Shae to be taken after Cersei pointed her out to him, I think it's safe to say that Bronn believed Shae was safely away before Cersei's people nabbed her.
  14. Since the beautiful female thread is locked, guess I'll just post it here. Ellaria Sand. Wow. Indira Varma looked absolutely stunning at the wedding.
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