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    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I agree, the fact that this is the most memorable scene in all of the ASOIAF series - it slightly annoys me when I think of all the pointless and boring scenes with certain characters. All it would take is a few actors to play young lords who are seen 2-3 times through out the season/cgi money spent on greywind actually being seen with Robb 'the young wolf' Stark to make the scene better.
  2. mynameisJamie

    How would you rate episode 309?

    Overall it was brilliant, including the build up - so I shall just list my favourite parts and what I would've done differently. Best bits: When the Rains of Castamere started playing.. wow. That look Roose gave Cat, when it dawned on her what was happening. It said, "We have got you." Gave me chills. Talisa's death and the way it happened actually added a lot to the overall brutality/shock of the scene. Walder Frey's actor was perfect. Would've done differently: Greywind introduced in some way at the beginning without giving the game away. Also would have liked to see Greywind getting loose and Arya seeing him taking out a few Freys before their eyes meet when the crossbows eventually get him. More recognisable Stark bannerman, wish Greatjon was there. More resistance from northmen, e.g. Smalljon. Keep Roose's killing of Rob exactly the same as in the books, literally no need for change. Fake Arya death couldve been good, they must want to use her straightaway next episode though As a piece of television its 10/10 everytime, but it could've been even better. Can never really beat the books though I suppose, which are gospel. Edit: Oh, and shut up about Barristan's supposed drunkedness, which was proabbly unintentional and not a big issue either way!