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  1. A Bear covered in Fluff

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Gave it an 8. Arya doing the thing with the coin made me SO happy you have no idea straight from books when she left harrenhal and then her stabbity stab stab like for polliver! and THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT SEWING THE HEAD ONTO ROBBS BODY!!! I agree that Dany's part was a little weak. I was thinking something else would happen, ya know? but loved the dragonstone stuff with gendry and shireen with davos! <3 And the added scene with Ygritte and jon was so sad but he totally got arrowed didnt he! love him talking to pyp and SAM! (reminded me of LOTR lol) and Sam with gilly and Maester Aemon was wonderful! <3 Could have done without the varys/shae I fully enjoyed "WHAT IS YOUR NAME!?" "Reek T__T" It was awesome. Screw you guys who dont appreciate the transformation! I'm glad i finally got to see Asha/Yara and Balon. I've been wondering where the Ironborn been at. But yea, not as good as Rains, but pretty good on its own.
  2. A Bear covered in Fluff

    How would you rate episode 309?

    I felt it did. Every word out of Walder frey's mouth made me cringe. He made everyone very uncomfortable. He mocked the bread and salt ceremony and mocked the king and edmure with the girls. Although Cat didnt feel as much uneasiness, she did feel uncomfortable in several scenes. But then again you've probably seen the episode more than once so i may have just transferred my own interpretation of the situation onto cat. Either way I thought the episode as a whole was amazing, all the way up to the ending. they did do some things i felt that were interesting. One being the long pause for dramatic effect, capturing Cat's shock. The pause before she was then cut and falls. and the delay in fade to black after she hits the floor. It was like i was waiting for something more but it never came. The greatest thing for me was the credits with no music. the silence was deafening. I voted a 10 but im more 9.75. I havent seen much talk about Yunkai but OMG the trio of fighters with their different styles blew my mind! I LOVE LOVE LOVE greyworm! So totally what i pictured, perhaps even made it more apparent the fighting style of the unsullied phalanx formation. It was like watching 300 without the crazy dramatic sfx. I cried during the parting of the brothers and was anxious with Hodor. I didnt really cry during the ending. I LOVED the expression on Walder's face. "I can get another one" I had a visceral response to Talisa's stabbing. several stabbings to the belly was crazy. I think better than mormont's axe in the gut. And the end with arya and greywind was so sad. Speaking of Arya, her fear and anxiousness while the hound was being slow was totally called for. I mean I felt that way when i was reading her chapter perhaps not as much excitement with the fires in the tents and the hound knocking her out with an ax, but it was good. Sam explaining the nightfort and Bran explaining the gift = Priceless! <3 Gilly "You're a Wizard" TOTALLY MADE HIS AND MY DAY. Omg! <3
  3. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [No Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    ive read everything but i really enjoy opinions of people who havent been spoiled. I just saw otakuassemble's video review and laughed my ass off at his optimism. But yes there's a LOT of deviation from the books and i was pretty shocked about some of it. Though i read the synopsis of the episodes so knew mel was coming for gendry anyway (also from the interviews on yt) edit: i also like how the show has changed my original opinion on the characters. in the book i hated the boltons but in the show i adore them. Jaime and Tywin too. the actors are really something. And as much as I adore kit harrington because he is a fanboy of the series. the writers have modified his arc too much i think. But i still loved the cave scene and his chemistry with ygritte. (its cute cause they're dating irl) and the last scene was awesome but cheezy. foreshadowing a little with the eagle and orell. And ygritte in the book didnt really think he was still a crow. so for them to admit he really is 2-facing the wildlings makes me sad. you can kinda tell he's going to do something.
  4. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    But Iwan is doing such a good job! Sides.. Cillian murphy way too old!
  5. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I believe he will too! And somehow... it gives the Gendrya fangirl in me flight due to the fact in the book Edric goes across the narrow sea and Arya will be there not too long afterwards... I really need to stop reading fanfic...\ edit wish i had the like feature! D: I loved the scenes too. I look forward to those scenes now. Im such a sadist.
  6. A Bear covered in Fluff

    How would you rate episode 306?

    BTW 9/10 for the episode. I pointed out all my excitement in the non-spoiler thread. lol editing all the while I was watching. my only irk was some of the cheesiness. the small awkward moments (loras/sansa, tyrion/sansa/shae) but They needed those scenes to show sansa's horrific dismay at littlefinger's ship leaving. (such a cute ship). oh and yea the bran scene seemed like filler to me. (they are getting closer to the wall and meera hunts for them. but it was really pointless) I did however, also enjoy LF's mention of someone useful. (thinking of Dontos)
  7. A Bear covered in Fluff

    How would you rate episode 306?

    ??? whut? that didnt happen this episode. that was last episode.
  8. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    not at all. I was so pleased with that scene you have no idea. LOL My boyfriend paused it and asked me. "Is he really at karhold?" "Keep watching" Was a nice break of 4th wall. EVERYONE wanted to know who he was, where he was, why he was doing this shit. And wegot 2 answers. Not karstark (betrayal last episode), and "LOL, no reason! I like to do this!" Guessing games are so much fun! I REALY REALLY loved that its follwed by Roose. OMG the boltons are WIN.
  9. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [No Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    Edited: 1. Song of the seven!!! Im also glad they pointed out the dragonglass dagger 2. Meera/Osha rivalvy at it's finest! lol 3. Snow, Crow, "dont ever betray me!" OMG Stare at her ass alll day Jon snow! 4. GUESSING GAAAMES!!! 5. Edmure's face. PRICELESS! 6. ROOOOOOOOOOOSSSSE ROOSE ROOSE ROOOSE! hahaha i love that man. omg frilly pink dress 7. Tywin's straight face through this convo makes me laugh so hard. Well played Tywin! 8. HANGING ON BY HIS MEMBER!!! 9. This play is awful! (no not a typo) 10.awkward indeed 11. "I've counted." "I'm sure you have." "The lysa arryn of chairs!" "Chaos is a ladder" 13. OMG DEAD ROS! 14. And yes, crying sansa lost her chance to go with littlefinger watches his ship sail for the Vale. nice ending. a bit cliche but awesome episode. 9/10 maybe. gave me lots to love. Oh... i almost forgot the Mel part... that was pretty nifty actually. Wasnt expecting her to take him away so quickly. Did anyone else get a Syrio feeling when Anguy was teaching arya to LOOK WITH HER EYES!? edit again: What Mel said to Arya made me cringe a little. But interesting foreshadowing for her. Is she really going to meet Mel again? Their dynamic might be interesting to watch at a later date. Will Arya add Melisandre to her evening prayers?
  10. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [Book Spoilers] EP304 Discussion

    Actually, she's the madame of the house now. That position is actually a quite established title in medieval times. ( would know, larpd it)
  11. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    This episode had me chuckling througout and afterwards!!! Best so far of this season! Thrummm....Plop Thrummmm.... Plop *Robb chuckle* Thrummmm....Plop *Blackfish shove* Thrummm... *turns and tosses bow* FWOOOSH!!! LMFAO Have to say the counsel meeting was too good! A little surprised how soon they are pushing LF out of the scene. (setting up for quite a season finale) He only eats children on full moons. Is it a full moon? It isnt? You're safe!.... FOR NOW!!! bwhahaha (have to say Talisa totally made me happy in that part even though i dont like her) Why you little BASTARD!! (apparently Ramsay as badass savior so far is kinda awesome. My roommate loves him... She is seriously thinking of applying for the part as his bride! She doesn't care what she has to do to make this happen.) Wolf shaped bread (almost made me cry) Sam the walking feast Tormund and Jon working close together? please show me their bonding! Sapphires!!! Jaime Screamed alright! It made me jump! I was thinking "are they really going to cut out his eye?" A BEAR A BEAR!! *dances*
  12. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [No Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    Very shocked from the story cat told Talisa. Wow so much feels for Cat right now. Also serious foreshadowing from the Great Jon. And omg Anguy is good. Shocked a bit thoros is the singer. No Tom of seven?
  13. A Bear covered in Fluff

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    Oh.... wow... you're right... huh.... didnt catch that train of thought but OK. He did mention Cat (love like a sister... like a Lanister? OHHH MYYYYY!) Im surprized sansa didnt cry in joy and then say her lawl was a Bawl! Also! SHAE! Omg! Tyrion should have totally skipped town with her! Would save much grief for him since cercei wants him dead. Although in Arya's case, i want her to go with Jaqen (or not jaqen) and train in badassery but on the other hand I love her little relationship blossoming with Gendry. too many good offers turned down this week. Am I the only one who thinks Robb's screwed?