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  1. But there are plenty of shows that are able to maintain consistent characterization and themes over several episodes and seasons. Taking GOT solely on it's own merits, they fail far too often at the simplest of things.
  2. I can't give it anything higher than a 5. If I totally ignore any themes, narrative logic, or consistent characterization, it was a decently entertaining episode if not largely bland. But I can't overlook that stuff, so it gets a 5. Do they care at all about consistent characterization?
  3. And I have to continue rolling my eyes at people who call this a good show. On its own merits, adaptational decisions disregarded, it suffers from bad writing, inconsistent characterization, and plot holes. To call it a top tier show is an insult to shows like The Wire and Sopranos.
  4. There are plenty of valid criticisms to make about this episode that merit a low score. It's not simply trolling. Inconsistent characterization, plot holes, and bad writing are things we can judge about this show on its own merits. D&D want to take the show off into their own AU fanfiction realm? Fine. But at least be consistent within your own universe.
  5. It was boring. And inconsistent within the show's own internal logic. Awesome.
  6. Jon Snow may be dead. Doesn't mean he may not be back as someone else...
  7. So I should just mindlessly clap my hands because we saw a super cool battle?!?!?!? I'll pass.
  8. I was completely underwhelmed by the final battle. Personally, an impressive fight scene is not one that throws as much crap on the screen as possible and adds to the tension by shaking the camera.
  9. Largely underwhelmed by the episode. The walking dead zombies take me out of the moment so much. Bleh.
  10. Because they can. I know it's stupid, but stuff like this grates on my nerves.
  11. The Sand Snake taking off her clothes was so predictable. I'm over the nudity quota for every episode. It's just disappointing that it's maybe the most IC thing any snake has done all season.
  12. Agreed. But expecting something like that is giving way too much credit to D&D.
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