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  1. Not sure why people seem to think Talisas letter says marriage approved...I just rewatched it and it looks like "Munuq pypa" but Robb clearly states the question "Is that Valyrian?" as well as the fact that I'm pretty sure he can read the common tongue.
  2. Martin has said that the producers know where the story is going, and roughly how it'll end in an interview...in case anything should happen to him he said, lol. Martin is a consult on the show too, it's not like he doesn't have a say in it. He's written an episode per season thus far. As far as I know the only affect the show has had on Martin is that he said Osha is much more interesting on the show so he may write more compelling sequences with her in the future.
  3. Thank you. A dual rating. That's a good idea. Everyone's just getting too wrapped up in how literal the translation is. Fact is, you can't be literal to the source. Unless you had 1st person narrative for every character, since that is how the books are done. The show has to express the same emotions visually without character thoughts of insight, that's hard to do only with facial expression and what is said (I think we all know most people in the books never say what they are thinking anyway, right?) 9/10 as a tv series 7/10 as a book adaptation Would have liked a more intense HotU scene, and Jon being less of a pansy/screw up and the Halfhand/Jon scenes that were cut put in. I think Jon learned a fair bit from Quorhin before being captured is all. Fairly minor gripes.
  4. What? Really? I loved that scene in the book. I'm just sorry it wasn't verbatim. Still it was quite good. All the hate around here, too. I enjoyed that episode more than any other this season. Yes, I've read the books, too. I'll give it a 9 but I don't know what kind of rating system is going on when the show can get an 8 and still "suck". The only thing this season, if I had one wish, I'd add would have been the Quorin/Jon adventure. It kind of portrays Jon as a whining screw up, and I would have liked him and halfhand to have had their exchange in the cave.