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  1. Lothar

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Wow, and I thought the Arya/Nymeria reunion was bad. Bran was channeling Ramsay there. "Nice to see you again, sister. By the way, the weather was great that night you got raped and you looked really pretty on the way to your rape." It comes off like he was aroused by what he saw. That's one of the creepiest things ever said on the show. I hope it was intentional on the part of the writers. But I have a feeling it was not.
  2. Lothar

    How would you rate episode 702?

    I give it a 7. It entertained me mostly all the way through. Things are happening. I like that there's more focus. I like that different characters are interacting with each other, like Jorah and Sam. The battle at the end was a nice surprise. The only thing I hated was Arya's reunion with Nymeria. Arya's line being a call back to a random line from Season 1 was dumb as hell for starters. That was awkward. And ok, Nymeria doesn't want to be a pet or tamed anymore, but she could at least act like she gave a damn about seeing Arya for the first time in 5 years. I don't get why Nymeria seemed to have no feelings at all about her. This was lousy.
  3. 10. They followed up in my opinion the worst episode of the series with one of the best. This totally made up for last week. I loved everything about it. Not a dull second. Both battles looked and felt blockbuster film quality. Sansa killing Ramsay via dog and then smiling about it was the most satisfying thing to happen in the whole series.
  4. Lothar

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    I thought this was going to be the case going into the episode and I hoped for it but I don't see it. How is he seeing Cersei in a new light? There's no evidence of that. Jaime turning on her for burning down the city and killing his son would be awful because that wouldn't be something brought on by Jaime's personal growth. He would have reacted the same way on Season 1 Episode 1 if she revealed herself to be as insane as Aerys and tried to burn down the city and kill his children. That means he has had no development. If Cersei is needed to become a monster so Jaime could finally be turned against her, that doesn't say much for his character.
  5. Lothar

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    So he could get back to having sex with his sister as quickly as possible. His motivations for why he's doing something makes a difference.
  6. Lothar

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    It shows that he has zero development. If Cersei is still what's driving all his decisions, then he hasn't changed from the beginning. In the book, his primary motivations in Riverrun are to do good, to be a better person, to settle things without breaking his vows. In the show, it's to have sex with his sister. He said he would kill every last person to get back with Cersei and I believe him. I see no sign that he's lying. It isn't. The problem is that he's a moron. The problem is he's willing to throw away his life in an unwinnable battle rather than do what he can to help his family. That erases all the care that we ever had for him. Family is in his house motto. Why bother to do anything with him if they're just going to go "Hey, this guy is actually just a moronic douche." What a complete waste of screentime. I'm looking for a point of all the Riverrun scenes. Since it didn't do anything for Jaime's character, and it didn't do anything for Blackfish, maybe it did something to make us feel more for Edmure. And in the scene with Jaime that seemed to be the case. While Jaime seemed like a total piece of shit, I did appreciate Edmure standing up to him, being strong after everything he's had to go through, remembering Catelyn and thinking Jaime didn't even deserve to talk about her. Edmure's actor was so good that it really worked. But it was all thrown away by what Edmure did after the scene. So what was the point of it? What did we learn?
  7. Lothar

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    The Jaime scenes just seem like a waste of time, money, and good performances since his main motivation is still to get back with his sister. Also ruined the little bit of good work they did with the Blackfish by making him decide to commit suicide instead of escaping or helping his niece out. Also ruined the little bit of good work they did with Edmure by having him basically calling for Blackfish's execution.
  8. Lothar

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Was this one of worst ever rated episodes on the site? It deserves it. I think with Arya in Bravvos, they managed to do the impossible, which was make something worse quality than last season's Dorne.
  9. Lothar

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    A 2. That was weak all around. It's even more weak when you consider 2 seasons have been building up to this shit. 2 years of Arya fighting the Waif just for her to be stupid and then not show the final confrontation. I was looking forward to seeing what clever method they would use to show a battle in the dark. Of course D & D are lazy and won't even try. The pitch dark blackness moment should just have been the end of the battle anyway. Before that, there would need to be some back and forth battle, some payoff after making us sit through 2 years of Arya getting beat with a stick, something to show us that Arya has progressed. Arya could have just never been stabbed and simply ran from the Waif to trap her in her hideout in the darkness. All that pointlessness could have been cut off easily and the show would be better for it. Arya would be a smarter character. The only thing the cliffhanger last episode did was let fans come up with way smarter ideas for Arya's storyline. Instead they went with the dumbest idea of them all. Have Arya be an uncharacteristically oblivious idiot strolling through the city unaware of her surrounding when she should have been expecting an attack and then have her be running through the streets right after being stabbed several times in the stomach. It may be the worst writing the show has ever done. She should be in excruciating pain just standing. 2 seasons of boring in King's Landing for nothing since there's no trial. Riverrun was pointless because Jaime has not developed as a character. He's doing everything for Cersei. A good performance by the actor that plays Edmure was just sort of ruined when Edmure reveals himself as a shithead ordering his men to capture Blackfish instead of letting him go. And the Blackfish wants to commit suicide instead of escaping or helping Sansa. That makes a lot of sense. Another pointless scene of Tyrion drinking with boring lame characters. Tyrion is no better in Meereen than he was in the book getting to Meereen. Cringey "smells like pussy", "finger in the asshole", and "magic cock" dialogue. Good actors and good production wasted on abysmal writing.
  10. An 8. My favorite episode of the season. The Lyanna Mormont and Riverland scenes were incredible. You have to give them a lot of credit for not just having Jaime and Blackfish talk in an empty room. There was an actual setting with castles, drawbridges, and soldiers. The dialogue was good as it came straight from the books, it was well acted, had tension, made you feel conflicted. That may have been the best scene of the season. The kid actress that played with Lyanna was wonderful. I hope to see more of her. Also good that we had no Dany, Tyrion in Meereen, or Bran. I may be in the minority for Bran but I hate the over the top fantasy part of the show. I hated Episode 5. Not a fan of skeletons running on ceilings, time travel plots, teleporting undead army, and elves throwing grenades. This episode would have been a 9 if it wasn't for the strange stuff with Arya. That seems like shitty writting no matter what direction they're going with it.
  11. I gave it a 6. Much better than last week for the Sam/Gilly scene alone. I was surprised how good that was since I'm usually not into their scenes. Very well acted, well written, very tense, made me care more about Gilly and Sam. Arya is finally getting some progression and it was nice to see her be empathetic to someone. If this is the end of her FM training, that entire story arc was pointless as hell however. She just got beat up with sticks for 1 1/2 season and that was the extent of it. Those were the only scenes I felt strongly about. I was really bored by another Dany speech. I was excited in King's Landing that the Tyrell army was about to slaughter all the boring sparrows, but then Tommen came out and put a stop to it. I hate that it looks like Jaime and Cersei won't split up. It was a powerful moment in the books when he refused to help her. Now he begs to stay and help her? Why are they doing this to his character? I don't know why the Benjen reveal didn't do anything for me. Could be because I was in a room where everyone besides me just asked "Who's that?" Could be because his voice gave it away for me before he showed his face. I never really felt strongly about Coldhands in the books either.
  12. Lothar

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I give it a 4. I feel like without the Hodor moment, everyone would have hated this episode. The dialogue and storytelling was bad in almost every other part of the episode, even in the final scene with Summer and Leaf's unnecessary throw away deaths. Parts of nearly every scene came off as awkward or not making sense. The Kingsmoot is the most glaring. Everyone there is yet again okay with a ruler's family member killing the ruler and taking their place. They're also fine now with murdering Yara even though moments earlier, everyone was supporting her. Yara and Theon are able to sail hundreds of ships off without being noticed. Euron is going to magically make thousands of ships out of thin air in a few weeks time. Euron has no charisma. Theon shows very little sign of having been Reek. The event didn't feel like a big moment. This was a terrible scene. How can people give this episode a 10 with that dialogue? Littlefinger's dialogue with Sansa was awkward. Even him being there felt wrong. They had to teleport him to the Wall and strain our ability to suspend disbelief and for what reason? Why is it necessary to have a face to face talk? Send a letter. The writers made Sansa say the fan criticism of Littlefinger from last year but Littlefinger had no answer to it. Why draw more attention to the plot hole if there is no answer? Another thing, if Sansa knows anything above at all else by now, it should be not to trust Littlefinger. Yet she trusts Littlefinger and sends Brienne to get an army. I suppose she thinks it's no big deal for Brienne to fly to Riverrun and for the Tully army to cross the Riverlands, the Twins, and Moat Cailin to meet her in Winterfell. And now she's lying to Jon because of what Littlefinger told her about Jon being her half brother. This really feels odd. I am so sick of seeing Arya getting beat up with sticks. I was bored of this storyline last year about this time, and Arya is my favorite character. It's unimaginable that they could be doing the same thing and think it's good TV. The play just felt like a waste of time to me. Oh and thanks for the diseased warty cock shot. That added a lot. They're going to drag her killing an actress out until the end of the season, aren't they? I did like Dany and Jorah's scene. It was cheesy but it was nice to see Jorah say that he loves her and for not to recoil in terror and for her to forgive him. She came off as likeable. And that doesn't happen often for the show. Tyrion/Varys with a red priestess was a yawner. And required another case of teleportation. The final scene didn't do anything for me. I think I was too confused by it to feel anything. My mind was just a big question mark. I don't know why Bran was dreaming when the Walkers were attacking, I don't know why they didn't just run, I don't know how to Walkers were able to telport to where Bran was, I don't know why 3ER didn't warn Bran than the he could be touched, I don't know why 3ER is telling Bran that he has to become him when he said the opposite a few episodes ago, I don't know why Summer and Leaf had to make meaningless sacrifices, I don't really know what was happening with past and present Hodor, don't know what holding the door was accomplishing since the Wights were swarming the place and he won't be able to hold the door for more than a minute or two, and Bran and Meera won't be able to escape unless they've saved by some horrible Deus Ex Machina. It also looked like LOTR and Harry Potter. I don't want elves throwing bombs at skeleteons and time travel. But that's a personal thing. So I didn't take off too many points just for that. On top of everything else, it bothers me that there seems to be a predestination timeloop; in that case, where everyone's futures are set in stone and can't be changed, no one is really making any choices. It's like the Matrix. "If you know what I'm going to do, how do I have a choice?" "You're not here to make a choice, you're here to understand why you made it." This means no one in GoT is making any choices. All they can do is understand why they made them.
  13. I gave this episode a 9 and I gave last week's a 3. I mention that because some people were complaining about low ratings given last week saying we wouldn't like anything. The only part of this episode I didn't enjoy was the High Sparrow speech. I loved most everything else. Unlike last week, everything moved along and had a purpose. Tyrion wasn't just staring at Grey Worm and Missandei and making a bad attempt at comedy. He was doing things. There was a conflict created. He had meaningful stuff to say and argue about. It'll be interesting to see how Dany reacts. Sansa/Jon reunion was wonderful to see. That's more than GRRM ever gave us. It's hard to not be in a good mood for the rest of the episode after seeing that. It was so nice to see Sansa being strong and convincing Jon. The dialogue was good, the acting was good, the chemistry was good. I love that she said she had been thinking about him and that she apologized for the way she acted before. It makes sense because we know they weren't the closest siblings. I feel like we have a lot of Jon and Sansa scenes in the future to look forward to. Dany's scene at the end was silly and ridiculous as are all her big moments, but it was fun. Game of Thrones is back to being fun again instead of just depressing all around. It's been a long time. This was less predictable than if Jorah and Daario rescued her or a dragon saved her again. I thought they were going to drag that story out and have her leaving be a episode 8 moment. Great that it wasn't the case. It's good to see Littlefinger again and I like how he got Royce on his side. I look forward to see what role he's going to play. Can't wait to see what Sansa says to him. Much better than any episode last year except for Hardhome.
  14. I gave it a 3. I don't feel good about doing that that but the scenes they made me care about was the Jon scenes. The Tower of Joy really was disappointing. Awful dialogue and there's no reason for it when they could have just used the good dialogue was given to them. I don't see how viewers who haven't read the books would know who Ned was fighting or why. No mention that they were the Kingsguard. No mention that their King had just been killed by Jaime. No mention that Ned was looking for them to bend the knee. No mention of why Ned's sister is in a tower. Why would any viewer who hasn't read the books care about this fight? I'm bored of Dany being with the Dothraki and saying titles to everyone she meets. There was actually a long part where Tyrion and Grey Worm just stare at each other. Guess the writers had writers block for that. Ramsay getting his hands on another Stark and getting Osha to rape. Barf. I'm tired of seeing Arya get beat up for a season and 3 episodes. Although the end was nice where she gets her sight back. Seeing Sam has the same effect on me as if I saw Dorne. A scene where the Small Council rejects Cersei. Didn't we see that last season? This isn't doing anything for me. I want Jaime to be fighting with Cersei. I was his character to be developing. Instead they just wasted and ruined him ever since Season 3. Even the Jon scenes could have been better if they were longer and given more time to breathe.
  15. Lothar

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I don't want Theon to go to the Iron Islands either because that makes no sense why he would want to do that. (I agree, he should realize that Winterfell is more home to him) But returning to Ramsay on his own would make even less sense than that. That makes the least sense out of anything he could ever do.