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  1. i love sansa stark the end! and oberyn quicly becoming the best GOT character rlly sad to see him go in 2 weeks thats gonna suck
  2. a 9 for me that was a great episode with lots of buildup i rlly enjoyed this ep the oberyn and tyrion scene was perfect makes us really want oberyn to get his revenge not only to save tyrions life but also for dorne
  3. cant give it a 10 cause the yara scene started of nicely but ended up being rlly bad when she escaped, the stannis scene and the trial was amazing tho
  4. i expected the gruesome scene to be way more disturbing than a sword thru karl mouth
  5. dont know if anybody posted this yet but did anybody notice the kid in the nightswatch saying hes a very good archer, hes gonna kill ygritte forsure
  6. man i hate that they made karl drink from mormonts skull, cant wait for jon snow or locke to murder him
  7. those white walkers are soo scary
  8. i liked the wildling attack and littlefingers accent changed, its creepier noww an 8 for me
  9. the moment roose realises bran and rickon are alive. that deserves a ten on its own
  10. 8/10 great intro with tywin throwing the pelt into the fire also i must say those thenns are really scary
  11. gave it a 7 made me look forward as hell for next season which is what i want from a finale but i also wouldve like the last scene to be somehting else other than dany crowdsurfing lol
  12. well i didnt expect the finale to be as crazy as the previous episode and i liked that they set up things perfectly for next season i think the whole yara trying to kill ramsay and bring back theon will be great tv and i kinda hope they have roose tell his son to hunt down bran and rickon or both since they need them dead other than that only one scene with selyse this whole season? did we really nedd to see shae this episode? why didnt they throw lady starks body in the river so that we can further hate the freys. not a bad episode at all but it was missing something well maybe it was the way it ended with dany that scene was cool in the book but not an interesting way to end the season with if u ask me
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