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  1. Yup, Dany is sacrificing her people and out there fighting for Sansa's "home", and yet she is still obsessed with her feud with Dany, while sitting in a crypt not lifting a finger to help her family or people. Sansa is about as ungrateful a character as there is in GOT.
  2. Over the course of the series the North has been exposed as a community of lowlifes. Between their constant betrayal of each other, sub-humanizing of the freefolk, treatment of bastards, and now open racist bigotry based on a person's skin color. Because of Ned we had a very rose colored picture of the North, but it's clear that the majority of the North is more in line with House Umber/Bolton/Karstark/Glover than they are with Ned.
  3. That proves that she is not her father. The Mad King would not have given them the choice to bend the knee, and after they refused given them the choice to take the black. The Mad King would not only have burned the Tarly's, but would have also burned their remaining soldiers as well without any choice given.
  4. Sansa and the rest of the Northerners have to be the biggest idiots in all of Planetos. Death is coming for them by the thousands, and yet they throw shade at the person who came to save them with 2 armies and 2 dragons? Would they rather get stomped like House Umber and raised as meat? Bunch of ungrateful jackasses, Northern nobles and citizens both.
  5. This might have taken Hardhome's place as my all time favorite episode. And RIP Dany will become a villain theory, D&D smashed it in the inside the episode.
  6. Then go watch another show, because she will rule in the end. The book ending might be different, but D&D will make sure the audience get their happy ending, and that is Queen Dany on the Iron Throne to curtain call this story.
  7. Wow, this episode totally redeemed this season, might be the best episode of the series.
  8. Man that scene where Grenn rallies his crew with the Oath....... Chilling to the bone.
  9. I'm glad Stan didn't show up, this was the Nights watch's moment, don't need Stannis coming in at the last second and taking all the glory.
  10. Just word around the water cooler atm, don't know for sure.
  11. They were talking about it on IGN, that HBO will air episode 8 next week then take a 7 day break to even out after.
  12. HBO Canada will apparently not take a break and show episode 8 next week.
  13. So the Darth Other is the Night's King and he is a part of a group of 13, he was the 13th Lord Commander of the watch.... so... were they all the orignal 13 lord commanders? Was the wall built by the Others? Did they wipe out the Children of the forest? Are the first Men/Starks decended from the Others? Is being an other a disease that is passed on via touch?
  14. WRONG Episode 1 scene: http://oi57.tinypic.com/2yv3uoi.jpg The scene I'm talking about: http://oi60.tinypic.com/25ujyqb.jpg Feel free to try again.
  15. In one of the early Season 4 trailers, Shae is shown in Tywin's bed looking at a pissed off Tyrion. Also Olena's line to Tywin that he should enjoy something before he dies at least once. 2+2 =?
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