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  1. The Great Beauty

  2. The great beauty

  3. I'm hoping (since they have less pages to cover up) they will start incorporating some more history... it's so important! There would be no song of ice and fire if all that happened before the books hadn't happened. But characters like Rhaegar have been mentioned like twice in 2 seasons... people who watch the series (non-readers) barely know who he is... well, crossing my fingers ^_^
  4. You can find ratings on the Game of Thrones series English page on Wikipedia :)
  5. I agree. The creators should look up to Peter Jackson... he had 3 complex and long books to fit in 3 movies which could not last more than 2 and a half hours each. He did an excellent job anyhow, reviving that magic feeling you got from reading the books. And he did make changes, but not substantial ones. That is, I hope, what the creators are looking forward to.
  6. Season 1 was pretty similar to the book, in season 2 they decided to alter a lot of things (quite imposrtant things)... so I hope they won't start changing the whole story line just like they did with True Blood. That would be a pity...
  7. I don't know if anyone said so already (sorry in advance) but viewer numbers for this episode were very high: 4,200
  8. I was expecting somewhat more from the season finale. Especially from the house of undying scenes. Daenerys was supposed to have different visions, see things that meant something. In the episode, Dany's visions don't give us any clue about her future or whatsoever... plus Rhaegar was missing too. I didn't expect them to show all of them. I understand there are choices to be made when making a book out of a movie, but they missed and changed everything! What about the blue rose growing from the wall? They could have at least put that... Then there is 'The Others' matter... I didn't quite like the cgi there. They didn't feel real...
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