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  1. Holy shit, that was a good episode! I'm usually just a lurker but had to post tonight. I was out earlier having drinks for my friends wedding anniversary, and returned home just in time to see tonight's episode live. My Uncle was also here with me, we usually watch the episode on Monday night, but as I was watching it he stayed up too. I've read all of the books and like every one else, am completely obsessed, my Uncle however, has only ever watched the show. I'll have to re-watch the episode sober for clarity, but I was completely drawn in tonight. When Jon, Ygritte et al, were climbing the wall and it started to crack. My heart was in my throat and my mind was racing with the thought that they were going to kill Ygritte there and then. When she made it I just turned to my Uncle and said "That was tense!". Loving the stuff with Ramsay and Theon. I've been very coy when my Uncle has asked me who this bloke torturing Theon is, but I nearly slipped up tonight with my comments of "ahhh, you lying bastard!" and other such things. A thought did occur to me tonight regarding Theon. It may have been discussed before but does anyone else see Theon/Reek's story as a subtle nod to Smeagol/Gollum? Brienne and Jaime killed it again. Nikolaj Costa-Waldau really is Jaime Lannister. And I think I'm in love with Brienne. The guy playing Roose Bolton is awesome, who cares if he doesn't whisper and take leech baths? Cannot wait for next week, I just hope a certain version of a certain song is nowhere near that episode. Diana Rigg continues to be amazing as the Queen of Thorns. When I read the books last year I was an advocate for Dame Maggie the frog to play the role, and was even disappointed when Diana Rigg was announced (my Uncle vouched for her). But she really is great. Also, were they implying that Tywin can't get it up in that scene? Maybe that's why he hates whores, they know his secret.... It was a strange ending and I'm not totally sure how I felt about it. Heartbreaking and confusing to see Sansa crying like that. I missed her scene with Shae due to a call of nature, but did was she crying because she has to marry Tyrion? Because it looked like Littlefinger's ship leaving the docks. ETA: Forgot to finish that thought. Weird ending with them reaching the summit of The Wall. I think that was a little "fuck you" to book readers from D+D, going from the line that Ramsay said to Theon about happy endings.
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