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  1. toward the major deaths/events? What about yourself?

    Talk to you later,


    P.S.- your message box might be turned off

  2. Hey Natasha,

    I decided to message you because I didn't want to keep going off topic in the blog post. ;)

    It's really interesting how we react to stuff at different ages.. I don't think I would have enjoyed this series as much at 13 either. At that point I was still into the less gritty books. How is your sister taking in A Song of Ice and Fire? Any reactions towar

  3. superman


    Another long time lurker here.. this board has definitely saved me from boredom for the past few years! I mean is there really anything better to do during the day, than be here, while at work?? :P I enjoy asoiaf, life, women, reading, sports, computer games, tv.. in that order! I'm quite safe to befriend, I only bite on second meetings ;)