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  1. Green Dream Girl

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    8/10 seeing Aerys in Bran's flashback was really cool. "Burn them all". I also like the Coldhands Benjen combo, it makes sense and solves one mystery. Sam taking Heartsbane and Gilly looking clean and beautiful were amazing. I felt as dumb as Mace, wondering wtf was going on at the almost walk. Excited to see who the mastermind was. No way will Marg leave Loras. Arya laughing at Joff's death was so satisfying. I cannot wait to see her stick the Waif with the pointy end of Needle. She will always be a Stark. I loved Dany's speech on Drogon's back. She is a conqueror and the Mother of Dragons, no cheese necessary or applied... So excited for next week!
  2. Green Dream Girl

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    For All of the feels, I gave it a nine. Summer and Ho(ldthe)door forever! I cry every week, but that ending hurt! What are Meera and Bran going to do without them? Love Tormund's continued lustful looks at Brienne. "And that man with the beard" lol. Sansa gave LF a good talking too, we shall see where he is found lurking next...All things Castle Black. poor Jorah! I loved the tenderness of that scene and the pride. And Dany leads the Kahlasar, the mare that will mount the world. i was happy to see the play and a taste of Braavos outside the temple. It's hard to be no one watching a play about your family. Poor Arya. Nice full frontal male shot in the mix... the kingsmoot wasn't so bad, but I wanted more. I wanted the dragon horn. Yara already talked about rocks and acorns... Theon looked better. Sounded stronger. Euron wasn't enough. Varys's getting told his own story was cool. The look on his face was pure disbelief. I wanna know the words. And Tyrion. Oh Tyrion. and so many wights. Will Coldhands come now? so many questions.