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    How would you rate episode 310?

    I think its impossible to have a spoiler free forum in here, thats because of all the action, difficulties and changes for the TV-Show. How should you been able to discuss about it? Most people read the books. Its simply almost every post in here includes spoilers, by arguing their expectation of plots/characters development. If you want to stay away from spoilers don't look into the forums, especially in here. Because this site was made for the bookreaders. Maybe there is a forum from HBO just for Show watchers. But even than you know how it is now a days. Doesn't matter where you are, there is always risk of getting spoiled. (Facebook, Youtube, Forums etc.) Best way is really to ignore it. Same as for me as i have just started with aDwD and there for i am very careful where i read. I could have finished the book, but i need a way to survive the time after we now finished season 3. And there is nothing better than read a good book during the summer. It became like a ritual to me.
  2. Ser  Vogler

    How would you rate episode 310?

    I'll give it an 8, because my hopes on this episode got nearly nailed. + Robbwind + Arya first strike + Ramsay reveal + Asha does care for her family + Ratcook + Aemon +Conversation between Roos and Walder. - Davos handling: Didnt liked it was like Stannis send him to death and then oh fire says hes doing something, we have to go north all of a sudden. -.- - Jamie early arrival, but i see how it still could work. And im sure HBO wont show the churchbanging incest. - Balon not dead yet - Jon Snuuu... i thought his acting was just stupid and bad. Hope he can make the turn next season.
  3. Oh an i forgot about Walder Freys speech before hell breaks out. Its fitting perfectly as he lost his voicebalance when he starts talking about the hospitality. Lov' it.. its going under your skin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=RXAhqvMy2lQ#t=435s This is showing how Frey is feeling and how desperate he is.. scarry.
  4. 10 even that i imagined the Wedding would be in a bigger hall. Most of things were included but with more time they could had the rainy way to twins. Greywinds foreshadowing. And more: - big tends were the North Soldiers could have been burned alive. - Smalltalk; Robb with his leading Staff to bring more depth. - The discussion between Robb and Roose about Theon - Let the red flow - Greatjon Umber is taking 2mans down with him And most overall i was a bit disappointed about the overall atmosphere. They should have eaten something poorly which didnt taste so good. They music should have performed more bad than good. But i understand the money and time issues. An other thing is i still can have both sides the show and the book - they differentiate and thats ok to me.