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  1. Variety's Directors on Directors December, 13: Michael B. Jordan (CREED III) & Ben Affleck (AIR) December, 14: Bradley Cooper (MAESTRO) & Spike Lee December, 15: Greta Gerwig (BARBIE) & James Cameron Decemebr, 18: Ari Aster (BEAU IS RIGHT) & Yorgos Lanthimos (POOR THINGS) December, 19: Ava DuVernay (ORIGINS) & Michael Mann (FERRARI)
  2. Countries do submit movies for Golden Globes, but they are not limited to one, as with Oscars. *** So happy those sickos of HFPA embraced MAY DECEMBER (three acting noms + best comedy) and SALTBURN (two acting noms).
  3. The 2023 Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) Winners
  4. Me too. I agree with that - Nolan relied more on practical tricks than VFX. That said, it is the race for visual effects, and only equalizing it with solely CGI is at least for me, very narrow-minded. OPPENHEIMER is visually masterpiece and it seems the cinematography race is almost decided.
  5. I was waiting for an official confirmation of the list, especially since there's no OPPENHEIMER on it. Yeah @Ran, it is rare. The last animated movie to have been nominated for VFX was in 2016: Kubo and the Two Strings
  6. The American Film Institute's Top 10 Television Programs of 2023 Abbott Elementary (ABC) The Bear (FX) Beef (Netflix) Jury Duty (Amazon Freevee) The Last of Us (Max) The Morning Show (Apple TV+) Only Murders in the Building (Hulu) Poker Face (Peacock) Reservation Dogs (FX) Succession (Max)
  7. The American Film Institute's (AFI) Top 10 Films of 2023 American Fiction (MGM) Barbie (Warner Bros.) The Holdovers (Focus Features) Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple Original Films/Paramount Pictures) Maestro (Netflix) May December (Netflix) Oppenheimer (Universal Pictures) Past Lives (A24) Poor Things (Searchlight Pictures) Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Sony Pictures)
  8. The film that wins the Best Film isn't eligible for Top 10 Films.
  9. Due to the writers' and actors' strikes last few months, Primetime Emmy Awards have been rescheduled for January, 15th. This means that all the big TV awards will be given this winter -Emmys, Globes, Actors (SAG Awards) and CCA TV awards. While the usual winter slate has its own timeline, it is worth mentioning that for the ceremony that is due in January, Emmy eligibility period was between June 1st, 2022 and May 31st, 2023. A lot of great TV... Let's hope all these award-giving bodies do the good work this winter. *** AWARD SHOWS GOLDEN GLOBE WINNERS SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS - NOMINEES DGA NOMINEES PGA NOMINEES CRITICS CHOICE AWARD (CCA) WINNERS EMMY WINNERS AACTA International Awards WINNERS DGA WINNERS WGA NOMINEES GUILDS WINNERS SAG WINNERS SPIRIT WINNERS PGA WINNERS ACE, GMS, ASC WINNERS
  10. Oh, I planned to open it later today. I saw CCA TV noms are out and Emmys are pushed for 2024, so it will be even more exciting this year to follow TV award season.
  11. Variety's Actors on Actors: Margot Robbie (“Barbie”) & Cillian Murphy (“Oppenheimer”) Robert Downey Jr. (“Oppenheimer”) & Mark Ruffalo (“Poor Things”)
  12. Despite having zero chances to win, mescal was my favorite in his category last year. AFTERSUN is such an amazing movie, a true gem and he is sublime. *** MAY DECEMBER SPOILERS
  13. Personal favorite is SHAME reunion of Mulligan and Fassbender. One of the gravest sins of Academy in 2010s was not nominating both of them in their respective categories for that masterpiece. A lot of interesting pairings. Naturally, Barbenheimer couldn't have been avoided. Also interested in Bening and Moore. As always, will watch all Couple of omissions, but I suppose KOTF crowd will do THR Roundtables. *** In other news, MAY DECEMBER is finally available on Netflix. The first reactions are considerably more positive than the first Cannes reviews from May. Netflix has the usual Oscar bait in MAESTRO, but I wouldn't be surprised if MAY DECEMBER becomes their greatest hit of the Oscar season. Whoever is in charge, I do hope they won't make the same mistake like last year betting on the wrong horse. Portman and Moore know how to properly campaign and Melton could easily become the strong contender to challenge big names in his category.
  14. Variety's Actors on Actors 2023/2024 Lineup: Margot Robbie (“Barbie”) & Cillian Murphy (“Oppenheimer”) Robert Downey Jr. (“Oppenheimer”) & Mark Ruffalo (“Poor Things”) Emily Blunt (“Oppenheimer”) & Anne Hathaway (“Eileen”) Halle Bailey (“The Little Mermaid”, “The Color Purple”) & Rachel Zegler (“The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes”) Emma Stone (“Poor Things”) & Bradley Cooper (“Maestro”) Colman Domingo (“Rustin,” “The Color Purple”) & Jacob Elordi (“Priscilla,” “Saltburn”) Carey Mulligan (“Maestro”) & Michael Fassbender (“The Killer”) Jeffrey Wright (“American Fiction”) & Taraji P. Henson (“The Color Purple”) Greta Lee (“Past Lives”) & Andrew Scott (“All of Us Strangers”) Annette Bening (“Nyad”) & Julianne Moore (“May December”) Natalie Portman (“May December”) & Paul Mescal (“All of Us Strangers”) Alden Ehrenreich (“Fair Play,” “Oppenheimer”) & Da’Vine Joy Randolph (“The Holdovers”)
  15. The truth is she could have campaigned in Supporting Actress category. Having watched the movie, I can see the arguments for both ways. That said, I am glad she decided on campaigning in Lead. Sadly that is how it works these days. We have seen a lot of category frauds in the last years. I suppose the worst was 2016 with Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara having to campaign in Supporting. Mara even objected back then, but sadly, that is how this circus works. Lately, more and more actresses are willing to campaign their co-lead roles in Lead category. Michelle Williams did it last year for THE FABELMANS, Carey Mulligan and Lily Gladstone this year. I support that and I agree with you. Supporting Actor/Actress Oscar is not some consolation prize. For me, it is just linguistic thing, but I suppose you are right. No, televised awards always have separated Lead from Supporting performances. Movie festivals for example don't. But mostly Lead Actor/Actress win, although not necessarily. Cate Blanchett has won Volpi Cup at Venice for "I'm Not There" and that was Supporting Actress category at the Oscars. And, yeah... I have edited the opening post. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong
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