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  1. On the good side, this episode had some of the best ACTING work of the entire season. The ensemble stuff – Tywin/Tyrion, Frey/Bolton, Bran’s crew with Sam – were all great, and Maisie Williams, Liam Cunningham and Conleth Hill al hit home runs. Even Kit Harrington managed something resembling emotion in his dialogue with the ferocious Rose Leslie. With the exception of the Jaime/Cersei scene (and the end), the scenes generally felt complete and sumptuous – that sunset on Dragonstone was eye-popping, and both beautiful and deeply creepy at the same time. But UGH -- that closing Dany sequence simply did not end up where it was trying to go, and it really hurt. If this were a mid-season episode 5 or 6, we'd all be raving. As a finale . . . I'm a bit disappointed, and it makes me feel bad.
  2. And how great was David Bradley as Walder Frey in this episode?
  3. I would guess it quickly became very UN-engorged the second the leeches came out.
  4. Hey -- a prophecy from Melisandre! Arya will kill someone with brown eyes, someone with blue eyes and someone with green eyes. Any guesses? I liked the reframing of Jon/Ygritte as two "lovers against the world." Closing montage and final shot quite effective. Less effective -- too much Theon with too few answers. Jaime, Brienne and Bolton get short shrift (no mention of "sapphires.") Could have skipped Bran and Sam/Gilly for as much as they did with the,. BTW, I think Sansa was crying because Tyrion gave her the true scoop regarding her marriage, and she was watching her only other option (LF) sail out of sight.
  5. You are right on all counts. I have read the books dozens of times, but simply can't wrap my head around the "purist" approach to the shows in some of these forum, or the incessant Ros hatred. I LIKE that they've made interesting changes, and have actually come to like Esme Bianco in this role. I'm almost sure, however, she's going into the drink shortly after LF fetches Sansa following the PW.
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