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    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    I'm not disputing that he reacted negatively to the flaming sword and the fire. My issue is that they showed his reactions and then, IMO, completely dropped the ball when it came to depicting the culmination of those fears after he's been burned. The guy is a seething rage-machine suffering from chronic PTSD and his reaction in the book is completely plausible: he regresses to the young boy who was so horribly abused and traumatized by his brother. But apparently show Sandor is too much of a bad-ass to have any emotional reaction other than laughter to this newest trauma he's suffered.
  2. wonder1859

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    I've read through the entire thread and didn't see this addressed so ... Surely I'm not the only one bothered by the reaction of the Hound to being burned during his fight with Beric. I thought the fact that Arya witnessed him "crying like a baby" and pleading for help was a defining moment for Sandor in the book, as it gives the readers a glimpse at what lies beneath the bad-ass butcher of men. It struck me as odd (not to mention wildly out of character) that he was written as having the exact opposite reaction, laughing and cracking a really tasteless joke instead. And that after several reminders from Blackwater on that Sandor is really wigged out by fire. It's like they created the build-up to this moment and then changed their minds and made it appear that he really isn't all that freaked out by fire after all - in fact, he laughs about being burned again. Aside from Sandor's reaction, which soured the rest of the scene for me, it was a fabulous hour of television. One of the best of the series so far.