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  1. Hopefully Leo is thrown in a small cell to rot for the rest of hi life, never to see his family again. Thrown Savine in another, but she seems likely to skip out from real consequences on getting hundreds of people killed in an attempt to murder her brother for the sake of her own vanity
  2. I think allies needs heavy quotation marks around it given Stour's thoughts on Leo is "lol useful moron"
  3. We also don't necessarily know what "eats" can mean. Stour was beaten by Leo, but ended up better than ever...well, until he fucked it up, but that's no reflection on Leo. Leo is broken, but his story clearly ain't done, either.... Rikke as the owl might make a shocking amount of sense.. Really, Ive grown attached to Orso. He's a good and kind person in ways that we rarely see in this series, for all his flaws. I'm hoping his mercy doesn't come back to bite him with Savine and Leo
  4. I just hope Orso ends up by this alright, whoever the Owl may be,
  5. This. Orso immediately thinks that Jappo looks more like a Northman than a Styrian, which IMO was a dead giveaway.
  6. Bayaz is "whatever the hell I decide is best at any given moment." If Orso decided to use the free market for a measure Bayaz didn't approve of, there'd be some serious displeasure felt.
  7. Stour isn't the threat his dad is. His entire shtick is "Grrr I'm a badly badass." He's crippled now, nobody's likely to ever follow him again. Savine is just...beyond contempt at this point. Valbeck stops being an excuse when she's gleefully trying to overthrow and murder the man who saved her from it. She even tried to backstab Rikke to get Stour onboard, who had done nothing to harm her (to that point anyways). The only thing she deserves is a tiny cell and to never, ever see anyone she loves ever again. A not inconsiderate portion of this is on her.
  8. After Red Country, there's no way in hell Logen's not still out there. But...Dogman. Shit...
  9. Also, place your bets...is Leo the father of Savine's child, or is it actually Orso?
  10. Oh, she's jut a Gurkish refugee who's oddly competent, super religious who has an unnamed 'scripture teacher,' isn't around when Sulfur is, is noted as strangely strong for her size and her 'brothers' look absolutely nothing like one another....just saying I think Joe is laying it on pretty thick Zuri is one of the former Hundred Words, possibly Ishri herself. Also, I can't really cheer for the rebels because they don't want Bayaz's system to come crumbling down. Most of the key figures in the rebellion just want to swap out one figurehead for another. Regarding Shenkt...I'm of the belief he's THE Casamir, but 'dan Shenkt' could just be an assumed pseudonym or appropriated name he's taken. The idea that Casamir is a very common name in the Union or that an infamous assassin naming himself after the great king as a sort of 'refuge in audacity' moment...neither strike me as implausible. Especially when we know Shenkt and Vitari named their eldest son Casamir as well.
  11. Yeah, at no point does Leo ever think he's gonna do anything but 'save' Orso. Oro is dead on that Leo is stupid, vain and arrogant, plus making excuses for himself. Savine just goes to "lol Orso gotta die" way too quick. Abercromie's gotta write the redemption arc of the century for this one, but it's really hard to justify why she isn't swinging next to Isher like a day after her kid as born.
  12. "I've finished the book. It will be in 5 800 page installments, delivered every six months on subscription." Me: Sigh. Cash or check, Mr. Williams?
  13. Savine absolutely went from a favorite character to one of my most loathed. I was actually really happy when Orso is having none of her shit and treats her with the absolute contempt and rage she's earned. Her "Oh poor me, I couldn't sit a fancy chair" stuff was just kinda noxious. Also, one scene I admit I liked was Sulfur just straight up murdering the revolutionaries anime-style. I'm gonna kinda miss him when he inevitably gets his. I'm kinda liking how much Abercrombie has me guessing on things now. From the House of the Maker comment, to Zuri transparently being a Gurkish Eater, to Vitari apparently being completely involved in Shenkt's scheming...Oh, and Shivers being all but confirmed as Jappo's father now. I dunno, I can't help but feel Leo will have some small but pivotal role left to play, even if his days of fighting and leading are done. NGL, I despised him in A Little Hatred for just being an asshole. Here, I just hated him because he was an idiot...but that paled in comparison to how awful Savine was.
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