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    The Six Kingdoms

    I just wanted to talk about the shows end system of government for Westeros and how I think it is a worse long term solution for peace then the previous system. Yes, on paper it is good that the each individual kingdom now will have a say over who rules them. It is also a small step towards democracy which is also good. Also, The new system of electing the king who will rule over all the kingdoms will make it a lot less likely for a mad man to end up ruling over them. That being said in my opinion the new system vastly increases the likelihood that war will eventually break out in the future. Yes, While Bran is ruler and those who chose this system of government live there will be peace. The problem with the new system is it doesn't really change the power dynamics of the 6 kingdoms at all. The lords and ladys of these six kingdoms still have immense power and are the viewed rulers over there people. Those that come into power over these kingdoms will still come into power through birth. Now instead of having the King who will rule over Westeros set in stone from birth, The future Lords and Ladys of these 6 kingdoms will now grow up being told, You will grow up to rule this castle, be Lord over this kingdom , Get to decide the future ruler of all the Kingdoms, Oh....and You have a chance at being that person. Doesn't that sound like recipe for Disaster? The inevitable will happen. A bunch of pampered Lords and Ladys will grow up thinking they should be the ones that should rule the Six kingdoms . When it comes time to vote on who will become King the decision will be split and war will break out. The new system would only work for a long period of time if you can manage take away the mass amounts of power Certain individuals currently have within the kingdoms themselves. Also don't get me started on how somehow the north just claimed there independence and all the other kingdoms were just fine with letting them be the only ones to have there own kingdom. What do you guys think of the new Six kingdoms? Do you think its more or less likely to lead to long term peace?
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    Why are they plotting a coup?

    What I don't understand is how there has yet to be a single character in the show who has discussed the idea of marriage with Jon and Danny. Even though it has made all the rational sense in the world for both of them ,from the second they first met and all the way up to this point in the story. When they first met Jon needed more military power(dragons) to fight the others. While he needs Danny less so now... A lot of his people still have a problem with him bending the knee. Marrying Danny would solve this problem for him and avoid potential future conflicts. While Danny from the start has had little to no support among the people of the seven kingdoms. She also has the issue of being liked by the people. Even now pretty much all the support she has from the people of Westeros is contingent on Job supporting her. Marrying Jon not only makes it easy for the people to accept her it eliminates the chances of the north, Vale and river lands turning on her. It makes all the sense in the world for both of them. All this talk about who is fit and unfit to rule. The fact that not one of Jon or Dannys advisors has yet to bring up the idea of marriage to them, it seems to me we should be talking about how Jon and Danny have a bunch of unfit advisors. Yes, Tyrion at least thinks about it. But he has yet to discuss with either Jon or Danny. Will they necessarily agree to it ? No, but you at least discuss it with them. So lets look at the reason now they say why them getting married wont ever work. Jon might not want to be king? Well if he isn't willing to be king what are we even talking about. He will be unwilling to marry his aunt? well its your job to make him understand that there are bigger things on the line then his morality. If he is unwilling to move past the morality issue when its necessary for peace then he is isn't really king Material right? Also the idea that he cant handle a strong willed women like Danny. So he is supposed to make a good king but he cant handle being married to a strong women? Give me a break.... Then there is Danny's side of if she will be willing to share power? Well, you explain to her why marrying Jon will not only help her secure the throne but allow her to keep it and bring the realm long term stability and peace. If she is unwilling to share any power when it makes all the sense in the world to do so..... well then you have your answer on if she is fit to rule or not. It just really baffles me that no one has at the very least discussed this with Jon or Danny. Although to be fair if either show Jon or Danny were really top quality king or queen material they would have came to the realization of a marriage themselves.