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  1. So a leak came through in the form of a clip from the episode. Daenerys is strolling around Dragonstone with her dragons until suddenly the Iron Fleet appears out of nowhere--because they're secret ninjas--and then Euron kills Rhaegal with those massive bolts, a pretty strong ballista, and an SuperArya-like aim. *sighs* Why do we need this? Does Euron still not look dangerous enough for the audience?
  2. Since when is Cersei's claim legitimate? What claim?? And since when does she need the support of the people? She remained all powerful when she blew up their vatican, pope, half the nobility, and the legitimate and loved Queen along with the house that was feeding the people of the city.
  3. Winterz

    Gendry Rivers

    As you can see in the link below and last episode, Gendry refers to himself as "Gendry Rivers" i.e. a bastard of the Riverlands. I know that in the books, he had been established as born in the KL and therefore a Waters... Did the show not establish him as Crownlands-born as well? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP9_D33bflQ
  4. Winterz

    Armies left on both sides

    Please, that's not gonna matter in D&D's own comic relief show
  5. Winterz

    [SPOILERS] Rhaegal

    Used from above to a unmoving giant.
  6. Winterz

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Why are the Lannisters still the largest army? By the time of the rise of House Tyrell, the Lannisters were not the strongest army. But hey, plot convenience.
  7. Winterz

    Can Qyburn apparate?

    He went to have a Starbucks.
  8. Winterz

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Jon has shown some moderate leadership capabilities like absorbing the Wildlings, but that's it. Ignoring his subjects' making him King and just bending the knee, and still pretendingf to speak for those he neglected is kind of dumb.
  9. Winterz

    Lord Tormund of Wildland

    Plus the lack the resources. Sooo dumb.
  10. Winterz

    Bronn's true identity?

    Bronn is another secret Targaryen
  11. Logic is on point to D&D's traditional stupid writing so I'm not going to bother with that. But I like the way they handled Daenerys' story. I always supported the theory that she was going crazy. And it makes sense to end the White Walkers' armies before ending Daenerys because Dragons and their fire must serve a purpose.
  12. Winterz

    The Dothraki Gave Their Advantage

    But why were Dany and Jon looking for the NK? The plan was to bait him to Bran, not hunt him down. But then again, why put your bait behind your entire lines. The would mean all your forces had to crushed before the bait could be enacted... lol Honestly, the bulk of the Dothraki should've just fought on foot. They may not be the ideal footmen, but they are all pretty decent fighters. And they're not fighting the standard enemy either. They should've set all the horses on fire and threw them at the Wight Army. By the way, what happened to the Knights of the Vale horses?
  13. Winterz

    How is the North's food supply now?

    Didn't she do that already with other arguments? Do we need it? It's okay to have it, but only if you care about it. The writers don't care about it. I doubt it will ever be addressed. But then again... is the Winter gone? Can people start farming again? Were the WWs defeated and now the people of the North have to face their own True Enemy: the Cold Winter season?
  14. Plus, she trained with a wooden staff. How the heck does she suddenly excel at using any weapon? Her superpowers only appeared last season or two back which was probably when the writers decided they had enough of Braavos and needed her Faceless Men-fill-plotholes-off-screen-skills so boom, here we go: Super Ninja Arya. Training? It was extensive, damn it! You just didn't see it because it was done off-screen... She is so overpowered in this battle it makes me sick, and then for some reason, the guys decided "let's make her look vulnerable" and then it's like she lost all her superpowers and started running for her life as she should, beating her head on the wall and having to resort to stealth to evade the librarian zombies. And THEN just like that, what do we say to the God of Death? Not today! Boom, she recovered all her powers and might, teleported to the NK and murdered him with ease. Also, what's with her inconsistent personality? She was very cold and calculating last season and now, for some reason, she's all emotional again... lol what.
  15. Winterz

    Jon Connington

    Perhaps Sam will cure him and he'll live on.
  16. No, the Long Night prequel has been announced throughout. They have to milk the cow until it gives no more money.
  17. The interest in the White Walkers was always their mystery, but since they already destroyed them (and literally) without anything being revealed turning them into generic evil... what is the point? Are they really going to explain the White Walkers in another show?
  18. Of course. Why not make money out of the questions we put in people's heads for our bad writing?
  19. Winterz

    The Dothraki Gave Their Advantage

    Funny thing is that a much better battle could have done with the same f*cking budget, so please, no budget excuses! All the resources are there already. The trebuchets, the cavalry, the trench.... but the way they were used... DAMN.
  20. Funny thing is they prevented them from dying in the climatic episode of the series, despite being in perfect positions to do so, but now in all likeliness, they'll will kill several main characters in stupid and cheap ways. You know... doing the "unpredictable" and that cool "shock effect"
  21. Winterz

    [Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

    Impressive, Cersei continues to evade her fate for no reason whatsoever, despite being the most hated. Pathetic writing.
  22. Her character is overpowered nonsense so who cares... The writers will make her look weak whenever they feel like it.
  23. Winterz

    How is the North's food supply now?

    Indeed, which only makes that whole "food supply" plot just useless.
  24. Winterz

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    If she's invisible, why jump? And where did she learn all that and how to be so skilled with every weapon? And how did she manage to go through a castle full of berserk zombies? And how did she go through the army of zombies and superhuman White Walkers?? And if she knew of the NK's weak point, why did she try to hit him somewhere else the first time?