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    Reading books - mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, business/finance.
    Playing video games - Final fantasy, madden, NHL, SSX, Call of duty
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    - Boardwalk empire, true blood, dexter, game of thrones, breaking bad, american horror story.

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  1. Lord Tyrion


    I can? Since I'm not signing on that often, I probably could but not sure who to ask.
  2. Lord Tyrion


    I wish I can change my username :(
  3. Lord Tyrion


    Still on the 4th book and hoping to read them again right after. I feel like I'm missing things on the way. Like I watched the 1st season of GoT again and I was so surprised how many things I've missed especially since I watched the show first and then read the book
  4. R.I.P Feast for crows, will get another

  5. Lord Tyrion


    Hey there, I'm also new. Problem is, I haven't finished the books yet which I'm upset about because I can't visit too many threads. Fortunately, I'll be done with A Feast for Crows soon, and will start A Dance with Dragons.
  6. Lord Tyrion


    Hello all, I am Mike. I am 21 years old and live in New York. I love Game of Thrones, and I've been introduced by a bunch of friends. I first started watching the 1st 2 seasons and then after started reading the books and I am up to a Feast for Crows. One of my favorite, if not my favorite, book series ever and even the show. I hope I can actually venture into subforums here, without getting spoiled lol.