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  1. GoldenVale

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I'd always just assumed he'd been extremely lucky but I guess those are both things to think about. Considering Cersei chose trial by combat I also assumed hers would go first. I may be wrong but it seems TBC is a lot easier to put together than an actual trial. I can see Mace pressing Tommen to speed things up but either way I think it ends with both Cersei and Margaery eventually escaping a conviction.
  2. GoldenVale

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Well the point of being a wild card is that you can't really predict what they'll do. As to Cersei. Cersei herself shouldn't have that much to worry about since as Varys wants to keep her in power so she can mess things up some more and will thus work his magic to ensure her relative safety from the Faith Militant. She may be in dire straits but if Varys really wants her around to do more damage then I'm sure he'll do his best. Aegon doesn't have much chance of getting their help IMO, being that 1. He hasn't been seen as legitimate yet and 2. even if he was we don't know what the faith militant thinks of Targs. I think the Faith Militant are going to focus on "cleaning" up the capital and as such going head to head with the council.
  3. GoldenVale

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Moving directly on King's Landing could end his invasion. Doran Martell has already proven to be fundamentally cautious. Whether he decides to join Aegon or not I doubt he's do it that quickly. As to the Tyrells, they're pretty good as they are now and may not want to ruin a seemingly sure thing . Thus Aegon won't have a sufficient force to attack KL in a while. I agree about your point about miscalculating Aegon/(F)Aegon/Young Griff. However I don't think the Tyrell's situation is as dire as you make it seem. They have Willas and Garlan Tyrell back home to deal with the Iron born and they have both been described as capable men. While the sand snakes are rebellious, they certainly aren't that stupid. Handing Myrcella over to some invaders would certainly out Dorne in a bad way. Also she'd throw away Dorne's position on the King's Council and thus remove any chance of having some kind of power in King's Landing. Lady Nym will continue on to KL as planned and deliver Myrcella to Cersei and then we can see the "Nah man it was like that when you loaned it to me" conversation that's bound to happen.
  4. GoldenVale

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    There isn't really any word for word or detailed summary. At least none that I can find. From what I understand she and Lysono mostly debate "Aegon vs Dany", as in debating which of the two are more likely to garner support/lead/win the iron throne, with Lysono arguing for Aegon and Arianne arguing fro Dany of course. From the summary that I read: 'Golden Company spymaster Lysono Maar meets the party and begins to lead them. Arianne does not care for him, and describes him as looking like a Targaryen. Lysono and Arianne debate Aegon vs. Dany. Lysono says that Aegon has Dornish blood, to which Arianne replies that so does Daenerys. He then proclaims that Aegon is the Dragon, to which Arianne replies that Daenerys has three. Along the way Arianne contemplates whether Connington is worthy of Dorne’s assistance; she believes he will need the Dornishmen to take King’s Landing.'
  5. GoldenVale

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    We know that Storm's End is a legendary castle that has withstood all sieges. Stannis himself withstood a yearlong siege there. When Stannis left Storm's End he left Gilbert Farring in charge of it. While we pretty much know nothing about him we do know that Stannis is a capable commander who wouldn't leave just anyone in charge and we know the Farrings are pretty much Stannis loyalists through and through (Stannis has a Farring squire , Godry Farring who we all know is with Stannis and one of the "queens men"). The fact that he was there before Blackwater and stayed there as one of Stannis' men after Stannis' defeat there unlike others means that he probably isn't gonna betray Stannis. We know that Mathis Rowan is the Tyrell man in charge of the siege. He's followed Mace Tyrell's everyone decision loyally throughout ASOIAF and he was described by Kevan Lannister as being "sensible" (And let's not forget that Kevan thought well enough of him to suggest that he be Hand). It's safe to say that Connington didn't take Storm's End through alliances with either of thee men. I believe the theory of him defeating Rowan under the guise of being Stannis' men has purchase here. And let's not forget that Elwood Meadows is still second-in-command at Storm's End. If I remember correctly he was second-in-command under Cortnay Penrose and was basically the reason Stannis got Storm's End (his men who knew Meadows suggested that if Penrose was killed Meadows would immediately surrender, which of course he did). Maybe Meadows had a role to play in the whole thing. It will be interesting to see what happens now that Connington has SE. Arianne going there seems like a bad idea to me. While she may learn more about Jon and YG she's still taking a risk seeing as a Tyrell force(led by Tarly?) is on it's way there making a large battle or at least another siege inevitable and though she might leave before then it's still a risk to take . She also can't promise them anything. Doran has the final say and even if Connington wants a Martell alliance which I suspect he will, she'd be smart to say no or at least take it back to her father. They have no way of knowing if YG really is the real Aegon and either way we know that Nym and Tyene are already on their way to KL. It would leave both of them trapped in KL if it was found out that the Martells have gone to the side of YG. Plus there's the that fact (if te account of the chapter can be trusted) that Arianne herself said that Dany has a better chance than Aegon (no one in Dorne knows about Quent yet I'm assuming) so forming an alliance without her father's say so is also out. Plus she was already doubting Connington on the way there (though maybe this changes when she hears of Storm's End). I think her going to Storm's End shows us that she isn't going to be as compliant as she promised her dad. I'm not sure what Connington plans to do now that he has Storm's End. Though I'm sure he has an idea of who in Westeros will join Aegon's cause he can't expect to get into any major actions at half strength so early in the game. Aside from knowing who was pro-targaryian in his time and his hopes for a Dorne team up I don't see him having any friends in Westeros. I'm getting my info about this chapter from here: http://itsinthetrees.tumblr.com/post/9110146147/twow-arianne-ii-synopsis Side notes: - Does the argument between her and Eliara about who is the better hostage mean that they plan on leaving one of them behind with Connington? - Does anyone else get their interest piqued at Arianne's thoughts about Quentyn? They are brother and sister. Her frank comments on his appearance and her disdain at thinking he might be a king suggest to me that they weren't very close. Not very important but it interest me nonetheless. Sorry if this post is too long.