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  1. In that case, if Margaery is in on it, and we know that QoT is involved (from the books atleast), a conversation involving Margaery and QoT in private is not going to include Margaery lament the fact that she might not be queen etc. Unless in the show they want to point the responsibility of the poisoning purely on Margaery, making QoT innocent.
  2. So does this episode showing Margaery actively mourning Joffrey's death and that she still isn't the queen prove that she wasn't in on the poisoning with QoT as some suggested might have been the case in the books?
  3. I'm a little confused by this actually. In the book LF lets Sansa hold on to the hair net? Is there any mention of the hair net after she is whisked away from KL? I don't seem to remember.
  4. rohit39

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Yeah this is just ridiculous! Fine, i can't expect the Daario from the books with the three pronged blue beard, golden mustache etc, but he needs to be a little flashy/showy, which Ed Skrein kinda was. I liked that Dany ended up attracted to him because it shows that she's still a young girl at heart.
  5. rohit39

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Anyone else feel that Arya's murder of Tickler would have been more powerful on screen? The almost psychotic interrogation while stabbing him. I can really imagine Maisie Williams doing a great job of that. Not that the Polliver scene was bad, but it was underwhelming. And secondly, what the hell! I preferred season 3 Daario! And that's saying a lot. There's absolutely no charm with this new guy.
  6. rohit39

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    In Brans 1st POV chapter in ADWD, when he is in Summer's skin, after dominated One Eye and the other 2 wolves (Varamyr's wolves), Summer notices the meat were men of the NW. He went from man to man, sniffing, before settling on the biggest, a faceless thing who clutched black iron in one hand. His other hand was missing, severed at the wrist, the stump bound up in leather. Blood flowed thick and sluggish from the slash across his throat Thats the quote from the chapter. Is that NW member someone we've come across previously? I can't quite seem to recall.
  7. rohit39

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    My biggest issue with this episode is the the complete elimination of the cool looking Black Gate. One of the best parts of ASOS for me was the old weirwood at the gate, the need to recite the NW's vows. Just the whole magical aspect of it. And with that not there, kind of takes away a really good scene from ASOS. And it was taken away for no particular reason! very disappointing. Other problems would be the Tyrion-Cersei scene. What the hell was happening there? Sibling bonding? Absolute rubbish. White washing Tyrion is one thing, but changing the tone of important relationships from the book to the show is uncalled for. While i didnt like the fact that Sam seemed a more brave character in the show than in the books (in this episode atleast), and i definitely didn't like the fact that he reaches Castle Black before Jon (which was done just for making Jon's entry cheesy), but i guess that would fall under nitpicking, so i'd stop. Jon's entry on the other hand, utter rubbish. Too cheesy, too much drama, not real at all, and not something GRRM would particularly approve of i'm sure. Don't even get me started on the Jon-Ygritte scene. Sansa's character is completely ruined. From the looks of things, she seemed to be pretty happy married to Tyrion, until RW news hit KL with a bang. I've never liked the fact that they've portrayed Shae as a good character (again, not something GRRM would be happy with i'd bet), but considering the decisions they'd taken, the Shae-Varys scene was pretty good, if nothing else but to build up to the betrayal next season. I'm not even going to get into the Asha (Yara, or whatever name you want to give her) dramatisation, where she selflessly decides to go to the dreadfort to save her captured elder brother. Oh so touching wasn't it? *Sarcasm* The things i liked, a short list Roose Bolton! Not like the books, but effective enough i'd say! And the scene with Walder Frey, i can actually picture it happening in the books as well. Dany's mhysa scene, while slightly over the top on the drama, i guess is needed as a good season finisher. Not as effective as S1 or S2 endings though definitely. It was decently done though (and Dany looking ravishingly hot makes up for a lot of the flaws!) I know people are quite pissed about Stannis smiling, but i agree with that, the whole scene with Davos and Mel, and Davos and Gendry in the dungeon was pretty good. And i do love Shireen. Charles Dance you beauty. Best character adaptation from the books in my opinion (after Syrio perhaps?) Overall, horrible episode, and end to a overall disappointing season personally, except for a few bits here and there, like the sack of astapor, RW (could have been much worse), Brienne and the bear and few more.
  8. The RW depiction was really good overall! While i could nitpick if i wanted to, i guess i'm just happy it wasn't really bad. Did anyone catch the look Roose gave Robb and Talisa at the time when Edmure and Roslin were reciting their oaths to the Seven? I loved the look he had! And as a side note, Walder Frey on the TV show, as near to perfection as humanly possible. Brilliant. Very few people seem to be bothered with the other scenes in this episode. Like the whole Jon-Bran-Summer scene at Queenscrown. In the books that scene was quite bloody brilliant. But it was really underplayed on the show. Maybe its almost impossible to get the Direwolves on the show to behave like they do in the books, and while i can grant some leeway for that, but i've seen numerous movies and TV shows with better animal actors, and i'm sure they could do better! Osha is finally going away. Phew. I love the looks Dany and Daario keep giving each other. There seems to be some real good chemistry there already! Although i'm still wondering how Dany would discover Jorah's betrayal!
  9. rohit39

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Just to clarify, if you re-read Tyrions chapters from ASOS, there are numerous occasions where his inner monologue thinks that marrying Sansa would be a good thing for him because she's "comely" and in time, hopefully, would make him Lord of Winterfell, and his heir, future Lord. Tyrion has always had ambition, and lust, both of which appealed to him to be ok with the Sansa wedding. While i agree he did not have much of a choice, and protesting to Tywin might have been impossible, i doubt Tyrion would have chosen otherwise anyway.
  10. rohit39

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    That must be the bedding. Remember that Edmure was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful his bride to be looked. And they were already quite in love (or Edmure atleast was) right between RW unfolded.
  11. There's been a major tipoff to Bolton sketchiness already when Roose decided to send Jaime onwards to KL instead of sending him back to Robb as a loyal bannerman would.
  12. Not really, because the biggest impact i felt from the whole RW plotline, was knowledge of the betrayal from the Westerlings. Without such a thread in the show, it would ruin my satisfaction from the RW depiction on screen. My personal opinion of course.
  13. I agree. And i believe it would have resonated more with viewers of the show who haven't read the books if Shae was more like the character from the books. They've already white-washed Tyrion to a large extent, might as well make Shae the bitch and extract more sympathy for Tyrion when the betrayal from her comes. Justifying Shaes actions through feelings of jealousy doesn't quite cut it for me. And about the Gendry thing, agreed. Long term consequences haven't been considered by D&D? Or have they decided to go ahead with this after considering what they know happens in TWOW and book 7?
  14. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Union_Square_Signing1 Theory rejected.
  15. I believe Robb's will in the books too put a child of his own blood above Jon. Or even if it wasn't explicitly mentioned in the books, i would like to believe thats how Robb phrased his will. Either way, lets hope that Talisa is lying about her pregnancy and that she turns out to be a Lannister spy (taking Sybell Spicer's place). Thats the only way i can see this whole thing play out and leave me reasonably satisfied. PS- I dont believe in the Jeyne Westerling switch theory, or the secret pregnancy theory.