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  1. Wow that was a funny read. To think someone actually spent the time to put that together is very distressing.
  2. Thinishter Goat

    Is this really the end of the Night King?

    or hopefully a trial of 7? Jon, Arya, The Hound, Yara, Jamie, Brienne & Grey Worm Vs Mountain, Harry Strickland, Euron, Redshirt 1, Redshirt 2, Redshirt 3 & Redshirt 4
  3. Thinishter Goat

    Is this really the end of the Night King?

    It would be funny if Cercei, believing all is lost, turns to Qyburn and asks him to help, he plunges a piece of dragonglass into her heart and makes the Night Queen - echoes of the Children of the Forest and their initial desperate attempts to survive, then we get the Longer Night...
  4. Thinishter Goat

    Cersei Jr

    i agree, i think its moot as hopefully someone will choke the life out of her before she gives birth anyway
  5. Thinishter Goat

    Mysterious Missandei

    hopefully it was them saying goodbye and she will be killed off early in ep3. She is a terrible actress, how she made it this far (in TV) is beyond me.
  6. Thinishter Goat

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    thanks. yeah i think that relates to R+L=J and maybe a few minor details as opposed to the actual ending of the series - i doubt even George had figured that out by the 2nd book!
  7. Thinishter Goat

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    Do you think this is true? Im not convinced you can figure out the ending based on the first two books? maybe they figured out Jon Snow parentage or some major plot but the entire ending? Do you have the quote to hand perchance?
  8. Thinishter Goat

    [Spoilers] E802 Discussion

    i noticed that. Apparently the North is occupied by racist children now. Doubt they were that mean to Catelyn Stark back in the day!
  9. Thinishter Goat

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    wow you're a stroppy one aren't you. Are you a disgruntled, out of work actor(tress)?
  10. Thinishter Goat

    Has anyone ever considered this about Rhaegar?

    Not sure if this has been posted before but i like it and there are clear similarities between the story. The biggest gap i can see is the explanation for Rhaegars body; if it was just a glimmer or cover up i don't see how this could be discussed or proven (in book or show) and who is left alive to explain it all apart from WikiBran. Also, didn't the scene in the show where the Children create the Nights King explain his origins? But i like the theory and it would be good if the Night King turned out to be someone we were somewhat familiar with rather than just a nuisance non-entity.