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  1. I was taken aback by how Ser Allister Throne and Janos Flynt were depicted in this episode. The two couldn't be more contrasted. In the books Ser Allister is always such a mean jerk, but then on this episode of the show he was a real leader, a true knight, the kind which you would follow straight into battle. On the other hand, I pictured Janos Slynt as a boaster in the books but thought him still a capable man, well as it stands in ep. E09 he couldn't be more of a craven. Even the 10 years old boy found more courage than him. Such a shame really. They become fast-friend in the books and allies against Jon Snow, but I am no longer convinced it will be the case in the show now..
  2. I gave a 10 but perhaps that's because I just finished watching the episode and I am still excited about it. I didn't have time to cool down. One of the best, if not the best episode so far in the series. Peter Dinklage's performance in the trial is amazing, so much power that the emotions of Tyrion strike the viewer and left it gaping at the end. Everything was good in this episode (if we try to forget that the storyline of the series has sundered in parts from that of the books) from Stannis and the Iron Bank, to the failed attempt to rescue Reek as well as Daenyris' courts and the introduction of Hizdar Zo Loraq in Meeren. We've reached the best part of ASOIAF, that is the second half of a A Storm Of Sword. It looks promising. :)
  3. Good point. I should have mentionned if you had the choice of the location you're from as a knight, hedge knight, sellswords or outlaws, who would you bend the knee to in the context of A Sword of Sword? EDIT: I forgot Mance Ryder, so I added it to the list.
  4. Assuming that you've just started to read A Storm of Swords, that you're in the context of the events going on and that the clash of kings has unfolded, As a knight, hedgeknight, sellsword, or outlaws, Who would you bend the knee to? A) Joffrey Baratheon, righful king of the Seven kingdom. B ) Stannis Baratheon, rightful king since Joffrey is an incest, eldest brother after Robert Baratheon. C: Robb Stark, The King In The North. D) Deanerys Targaryen, last of the heir to the Targaryen and rightful Queen of the Seven kingdoms. E) Balon Greyjoy, King of The Iron Island And The North. F) Mance Ryder, King Beyond The Wall (though the free folks do not bend the knee..) G) Beric Dondarion, I would sooner join the Brotherhood Without Banners.
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