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  1. Wow okay - Thank you for the heads up. So ignoring the Show, who's your favourite character from the books and why? Also any theories that are particular favourites of yours?
  2. Hello everyone, I hope to find all my fellow ASOIAF fans are feeling great. I've been away a while! I joined this forum in 2012 and for a good few months I spent so many hours every day on here. Then around 2013, I dunno, I think I just ran out of topics and theories to talk about, shockingly enough! I also think that finally a bunch of my real life friends started reading/watching the show around season 3, whereas for 2 years prior I could only chat to you beautiful people on this site about one the greatest fictional creations of all time! But I'm back and just thought I'd start a topic and I wanna hear some great theories as well as who your favourite characters are and why. If you're a fan of the show as well as the books, tell me what you like, what you dislike (Dorne, the lack of a certain Victarion Greyjoy)! It doesn't matter what the subject is - talk to me about the books, the show, characters, theories, potential release dates of TWOW! Thanks for reading, it's good to be back!
  3. Hear Me Roar: We Do Not Sow, Ours Is The Fury, The North Remembers, A Lannister Always Pays his Debts, Fire and Blood, Family, Duty, Honour, Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, Growing Strong, Winter is Coming!