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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    The episode was one of the best so far this season in my opinion, though there were a few gripes I enjoyed: The Jaime and Brienne scenes, the one near the start on the horse, and the brilliant one at the end where Jaime talks Locke out of having the men rape Brienne, and then his hand being cut off at the end was brilliantly done! The scene between Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie, it was emotive and made me feel something which is always lovely The scene between the council at King's Landing, the awkward start, it was just like the books which is something I always like to see, and then later the Tyrion & Littlefinger talk about being master of coin was great, because I saw the link between that and the banking in today's world. The scene between Catelyn and the Blackfish, beautifully scripted, capturing Catelyn's grief wonderfully, and introducing the Blackfish's character nicely The scene with Jon at the Fist, with the weird horses, and Mance, I just love his character, I did want to see a bit more of Ygritte though, she hasn't been made of as much importance so far in the season as I'd like. The "Walk of Punishment" scene with Jorah, Dany and Barristan. I loved the Jorah quotes, and the clash of personalities, and it was just nice. I didn't enjoy: The scene of the Night's Watch at Crasters, it just seemed a bit cold and lifeless, it just wasn't that exciting to watch. Though it's exactly the way it should be really. I just would have liked to see the white walkers a bit more! The Theon scenes, I have no idea what they are doing with this story but I don't really care for it, and I don't think many people do. Theon's story in Season 2 was brilliant, but this one is just taking up valuable screen time that could be used on other things. The scene between Stannis and Melisandre, very dull, and I don't know what they're doing with this story either but I don't care for it too much whatever is happening. The scene with Tyrion, Bronn and Pod. I just found it to be extremely pointless, adding humour to the show that just isn't needed, there are so many things they could have done with those 5-10 minutes and it's all wasted on NOTHING, no character development in any way either. I think of Tyrion, Bronn and Pod in exactly the same way as I did before that scene. It's just time wasted for gratuitous nudity in my opinion. Scenes I'm not sure about: The funeral scene that began the episode, I enjoyed the scene but the characterization of Edmure was a bit odd, and I don't really like the way the storyline for Robb & Catelyn has been mixed around, and rushed in some parts, where it's gone too slowly in other parts. I think it's just the book-enthusiast in me that made me have mixed feelings about that scene. The Daenerys scene meeting with the master slaver. The scene was alright, it happened a bit too quickly though and made me think about how Dany's story this season has been rushed 10x more than it should have been. They've gone through about 3 or 4 chapters in 3 episodes, and they have about 1 or 2 more to go through in 7 episodes. They need to take it much slower with Daenerys! I would have liked more talk with Jorah and Barristan about the unsullied, more advice giving, the scene has just made her look like a ruthless naive girl, and she is a bit, but not as much as she is portrayed so in the show. Scenes I would have liked: Some development between the Jon & Ygritte relationship, I was looking forward to their little romance arc this season, and I don't know whether it will be as powerful as I imagined now because there's been nothing between them all these 3 episodes, where is the love? They've given the most minimalistic approach to Jon's arc so far, and replaced what could have been with gratuitous nudity and unneeded laddism between Bronn and Tyrion. It could have been replaced by a nice conversation/flirting between Ygritte and Jon, like the sort of stuff that was in the end of Season 2 between them! A conversation between Arya and Thoros, Thoros hasn't told them both where he's going yet, I'm sure viewers would like to know the direction Arya is going in this season. Give them some hope maybe, with him telling her he's taking her to Riverrun, to her parents, or maybe just a conversation about Thoros' relationship with the Starks, I want some more characterization for Thoros! More characterization for Jojen and Meera too, Jojen has been introduced as this 'mysterious boy' and I hope he doesn't just have that sort of role in the whole of the season, people were expecting Jojen and Meera to show up in season 2, D&D aren't exactly making up for that fact so far, where's all the character development that took up a lot of 'A Clash of King's' and the first part of 'A Storm of Swords'? They could have saved the last Dany scene for a later episode, and took some time to introduce these new characters that they've just thrown at the viewers. How do they expect the viewers to keep up with the show when they hardly know who most of these new characters are?