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  1. Jon Wat

    Favorite POV Character

    I loved Dany's and Tyrion's POVs. Dany's because they were completely different than everybody else's, Tyrion's because he is, well, Tyrion. Also, wat.
  2. And that was my opinion as well. I undestand how it can be considered condescending, but that was certainly not my intention. Well, no harm done. But I still would like to know the reason behind that score. 5/10 because of some Pod jokes is a bit strong.
  3. I did not. Which part of "Everyone's entitled to their own opinion" didn't you understand? And I believe I said that this season probably wouldn't get much better than this, how is that belittling? Also, there's a "Quote" button on the bottom right, it helps a lot.
  4. Well, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Blackwater had a small ammount of haters as well, and it was a masterpiece of television. As D&D said, you can't appeal to everyone. And neither should you.
  5. Whoever voted 5/10 should stop watching now. It won't get much better that this. Amazing.
  6. Jon Wat

    How would you rate episode 301?

    The manticore is that scorpion-like creature that tries to bite Daenerys.
  7. Jon Wat

    How would you rate episode 301?

    The changes from the books don't affect me, as I see GoT as a different entity. So, no problems at all with that. - First thing, there were only a pair of boobies in the entire episode, so do not complain about gratuitous nudity and such. - The Sam thing was good, didn't really understand where the Others go but I really felt the fear in his eyes. Gave me chills. I'm guessing the real battle will come later, so I'm not too worried about that. - The intro was amazing, as always. - The KL scenes were awesome, mainly the Tywin/Tyrion conversation. Bronn made me laugh for the first time, and I loved his acting. Sansa has grown up and Shae is, hum, different. For the best. - Davos was great. I genuinely felt his despair, and his conversation with Saan was fluid and entertaining. - Margaery is beautiful. Simply... beautiful. And she even looks younger than in the S2 finale, what's up with that? - I won't even say anything about Daenerys because I'd repeat a lot of adjectives. Barristan's reveal felt real in my opinion, and I loved the inclusion of the manticore (I wasn't expecting it to appear). - About the aesthetics: amazing CGI, amazing landscapes, amazing color palettes. Everything I said was purely based on my emotions while watching the episode. Best season premiere so far, and a great indroduction. The episode had some minor flaws, but overall they didn't even matter. My rating is 9.5/10. I'm glad I manage to enjoy these episodes so much, and I love to be able to appreciate all the details. It must be horrible when you're constantly looking for changes and struggling with every little slightly nonsensical scene. But then again, I'm easily impressed. And I love it :D
  8. Jon Wat

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Most of what he read till now is fairly predictable, in my opinion. Victarion's there for Dany, of course he'll join her side on the battle.