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  1. I love the books AND the show. Be aware that season 1 was by far the most loyal to the books tho.
  2. This might be a very stupid question, but i'm fairly new to the boards. What exactly do you mean with the 'fresh %' ?
  3. I understand that and tend to agree. I just wanted to point out that the concept of an eunuch ex slave starting to get feelings for another ex-slave while slavery is a big part of Dany's arc isnt HBO trying to reach the tit quota as some have stated here.
  4. Pretty solid episode with a couple of flaws. Enjoyed it. Molestown and the Night’s Watch: 7/10 Decent set up for next week. Missandei and Grey Worm: 9/10 I really liked this although it isn’t in the books. I disagree with the people saying this is useless filler and just another love story. This is a guy that has been a slave for his entire life. For the first time in his life he is starting to feel something for someone with this same kind of horrible history. Then he comes to realise that these feelings are useless because he has been cut. Hard to imagine how this must feel. Ramsey/Reek/Roose scenes: 10/10 Just amazing acting,Ramsey Show becomes Ramsey Bolton. Vale stuff: 7/10 This scenes had some highs and lows, as other people already pointed out. I like the fact that Sansa is becoming a player. I personally think that Book Sansa was a bit slow on this part. I liked the acting. I hated the fact that they make Littlefinger look like a guy without a plan tough, and the dark Sansa coming down the stairs was over the top. The Dismissal: 6/10 It was alright and better late than never. That being said it felt out of the blue and rushed. Besides that watching Emilia felt awkward. The guy who plays Jorah did a good job. Arya/Hound: 3/10 This was just weird. The reaction of the guard when he hears Arya Stark is standing in front of him is just off. He simply replies by telling her, her aunt is dead. Where are they going with this? Also, the 2 seems to bond way to much if they are planning to go with the story as it is in the books. I liked the laugh at the end. Jaime/Tyrion: 7/10 The scene itself was great. Great acting, nice metaphor. I kept looking at the clock tough. At this point in the episode I just wanted to see the duel or maybe a Oberyn/Tyrion, Oberyn/Ellaria conversation. I think I will rate this scene higher on a rewatch, when I can sit back and enjoy rather than waiting for the duel. The Duel: 8/10 Loved it. Especially the end. I expected it to be longer though, and missed some face expressions from relevant people in the audience. In total that’s a 7 for me.
  5. Not sure if this is mentioned before, since I can't go through 42 pages right now but: The way how Tywin treats Mace Tyrell during the small council scene contradicts with the scene earlier this season where he tells Cersei that they need the Tyrells. Or is it just me? Fairly new here :D
  6. Jojen's burning hand was a vision, not reality. Same goes for the big weirwood tree.