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  1. Hey, Kikajon! :cheers: :agree: My friend HC put it best. =o)
  2. Welcome to the board! :cheers:
  3. Welcome to the boards, VoteTyrion! :cheers: Oh, well. I already voted as it seems.
  4. Welcome, Narvi, to the boards! :cheers: Heh. You did it.
  5. Welcome, Midwestoros! :cheers:
  6. Welcome to the boards, Lady Isis! :cheers:
  7. Welcome to the boards, ScottishDan! :cheers:
  8. Welcome, Dragelsnart! :cheers: Valar Dohaeris! Welcome to the boards. :cheers:
  9. Welcome to the boards, Lee! :cheers:
  10. Welcome, The Stannis Inquisition! :cheers:
  11. Ah, I see. Thank you for your explanation. =o)
  12. Welcome, Kyoshi! :cheers: What is Qawaii music?
  13. Welcome, newcomers! :cheers:
  14. Welcome, Ser DuncanTheSmall, to the boards! :cheers:
  15. Bien venue, Leonardo! :cheers:
  16. Benvenuto, MustacheMan. :cheers:
  17. Welcome to the boards, Antiheld! :cheers:
  18. Hello, my friend. =o) Of course, the tuna know. How could one possibly dispute that? Everybody with a sane mind? Cheers to that!
  19. Hi, HC! =o) And it's great having you as a friend. :cheers:
  20. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
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